Evolution DX Release 7 2016

Evolution DX Release 7 2016

Please contact our support team on +44(0)1522 698 911 or log into the Raptor Support Portal to schedule the update.

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6225     When invoicing a warranty job, the invoice progress bar would stay on screen over the print preview of the invoice, now fixed. 6187     The counter invoice report was totalling incorrectly at the bottom of the report, now fixed. 6188     Parts COS & sales by group reports now have options to export to excel. Exporting will produce a simplified format of the report in an excel friendly layout. 6197     The VAT inc cost field was not populating in the database, whilst this didn’t cause any problems with accounts postings it did cause problems with some reports, now fixed. 6206     If no DVLA username & password is configured & an attempt is made to use DVLA lookups the system will now inform you that the interface is not set up. 6213     When double clicking on a marketing campaign in Campaign365 an error “Abstract Error” occurred followed by a blank form opening up, now fixed. 6116     It was possible to invoice a second job whilst halfway through invoicing a jobsheet, this will no longer be possible. 6149     Using any of the filtering options in the vehicle stock book would cause the site value to disappear from the grid, now fixed. 6174     If a user had the WIP jobsheets grid filtered by job type, when a Techmate popup appeared double clicking on an entry in the popup would not take the user to that job, now fixed. 6184     The “Car Purchases” report now has a VAT total at the bottom of the report. 6186     The “sales day book” report was incorrectly reporting settlement figures, now when exported or printed the settlement figures will be reported correctly. 5675     The system would let you delete an intervention whilst it still had sublet work attached, this could cause problems with totals, now fixed. 5686     When the “Accessory Detailed” report was exported into Excel or a PDF document, the tax figure on the last page would double, now fixed. 5692     If one of multiple items from a stock order were put onto awaiting delivery, when you confirmed the GRN the system would generate an extra blank GRN, now fixed. 5792     Pressing ALT+F4 to exit credit notes before the credit was complete would mark it as complete & the invoice would no longer be able to be credited, now resolved. 5907     A financial limit can now be placed on reconditioning work performed on a stocked vehicle, this can be overwritten if the user has the user privilege to do so. 5927     Job statuses are now updated by Techmate. Starting work will change the job status to “In Progress” finishing all work will change the status to “Complete”, this is switchable 4239     User permissions “Book parts only” & “Book labour only” are now applied in all areas of the system ensuring that users can only book parts or labour, depending on privileges. 4412     If the operative schedule switch was disabled in system setup, & workshop “ALL” was selected in the job diary, the system would show 0 available hours, now fixed. 4475     The cash report will now show parts deposits under their own section. 4565     The system will no longer let you add parts or work if there are no labour or part types available.
4565     Prep & recon types are no longer able to be selected if the jobsheet doesn’t have a stock number attached to it. 5077     It’s now possible to enter a three decimal place cost price into items on parts stock orders. 5226     The “Total time” in the job diary included times for technicians with no workshop assigned. Times for techs with no workshop assigned will no longer be included in the figure. 4219     The “Weekly time” report would show the In & Out times as dates & times, this would obscure the actual time in & time out on the report, now fixed. 4228     When printing the customer contact sheet from Evosales the user would receive the error “Query5: Type mismatch for field ‘Photograph’, expecting Graphic actual: Blob”, now fixed. 6150     Credit limits were not working correctly, now fixed.
5908     It is now possible to carry out an “Inter Company Transfer” of vehicle stock, if you have more than one company you can transfer vehicle stock from one company to the other using the new ICT button in the purchase details page, doing so will sell the vehicle at the current site, then repurchase it under a new stock number at the site you want to transfer the vehicle to. 5966     On printed job cards, there will now only be one expected payment method instead of several tick boxes, this will be populated by the expected payment method entered on the diary booking for the job. This can also now be entered through the Techmate advisor module, & can be made either mandatory or non mandatory.
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