Case     Fix/Change
4913     Tyre details recorded on the eVHC app were not always appearing on the eVHC printout, they now will.
5512     Evolution would sporadically hang when opening jobsheets or the main screen, this was caused by the speed of the eVHC popup box, this should now progress faster.
5532     Creating an email template in Campaign 365 with no content and only a subject caused the email template to become uneditable after saving it , now fixed.
5645     The performance of Campaign 365 has been hugely increased by changing the way that statistics were recorded.
5911     Parts with a min and max level of 0 will no longer appear on an “auto order” generated from parts stock orders.
5991     Campaign 365 would occasionally hang when opening/printing grouped documents, now fixed.
5996     It was possible to create groups in Campaign 365 without any templates being attached, this will no longer be possible.
6008     Under a certain set of circumstances the Campaign 365 Microsoft Word automation was failing with the error “Record contained too many field delimiters” now fixed
6024     The Ford BCM parts price file importer can now be automated so that a user isn’t required to run this each time a price file is released.
6047     The Campaign 365 application which handles the printing of letters would occasionally get an error with code “$210D” this has now been resolved.

Previous update release notes can be found HERE