Evolution DX Release 1 2017

Evolution DX Release 1 2017

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Case    Change 5629    Jobs in TechMate are now cleared from the technicians list when the job status is set to “Complete” 6216    Customer Waiting and Collection Time fields have now been added to the technician’s home screen in TechMate 6246    Resolved an issue where the eVHC popup would not always appear on the correct interval 6255    Upsold eVHC labour will now populate the hours estimated field on each work line 6256    eVHC Upsell notes have been added to the report and follow-ups tab 6257    When carrying out an eVHC upsell there is now an option to upsell to a new jobsheet 6258    It is now possible to change the “advisor” from the eVHC upsell screen 6259    Non-labour charges can now be added to an eVHC upsell 6158    You can now see more detailed tyre information in the eVHC upsell screen, this can be accessed using the “Tyre Details” button 6159    TechMate notes can now be configured to default to “Important” 6195    Changes have been made to the eVHC tyre upsell process to allow faster and more fluid upselling of tyres 6207    You can now see what techs are currently clocked onto from within Evolution, this is accessed in the jobsheets WIP tab by clicking “View Active Techs” 6214    It is now possible to adjust the image quality of photos taken through the TechMate and eVHC apps 6020    When invoicing, it is now only possible to select “account” payment if the customer is marked as an account customer 6027    When installing TechMate or eVHC on a new tablet device the servers are found automatically rather than having to enter them in manually 6029    It is now possible to configure what information you want to see in TechMate on the technician’s area, we have also added the time required field to the list of available fields 6031    New functionality has been added to allow the editing and removing of TechMate notes from within Evo, any action carried out on a note will be logged 6039    Fixed an issue where TechMate photos would sometimes blank out inside Evo, stopping the user from being able to view them 6041    Fixed an issue where the date column on customer statements generated from the cash book would show the customer reference instead of the date 6043    Fixed an issue where it was possible to pay a service invoice via the cashbook, then again via the service invoices screen 6051    When adding vehicle deposits, the payment type list will now get its information from the configurable payment types rather than a legacy set list 6089    Fixed an issue where the weekly Campaign 365 report would receive an “Abstract Error” and not get sent out 5885    The TechMate advisor module will now show if a vehicle has a service plan 5887    TechMate notes in jobsheets will now show the time and date the note was recorded instead of just the date 5891    Fixed an issue where the auto clock off would not clock technicians off their working day in TechMate 5907    Functionality has been added to allow users to impose a financial restriction on reconditioning work for a vehicle 5945    Functionality has been added to alter the payment date of a payment made in the cash book 5962    A new button has been added to the jobsheet and diary screens to allow users to change the order a technician carries out work in TechMate 6002    Fixed an issue where a notification would appear in the wrong section of the diary asking the user to fill in a franchise if one was not filled in on a diary booking 4713    Vehicles with a negative stock number will no longer prompt the user to complete the purchase information
4855    The tyre details on eVHC printouts has been expanded to show all of the tyre information, previously it would only show comments made on the tyre checks via the eVHC module 5065    Fixed an issue where updating the MOT due date of a vehicle when invoicing a jobsheet would not update stocked vehicles MOT due date 5152    A switch has been added to allow the system to automatically calculate the duration of a booking based on the combined hours of all the labour attached to the booking 5498    The formatting inside the TechMate app has been changed to make it more clear and readable 5729    The workshop controller app will now default the diary to the current time rather than starting at 00:00 5730    Added functionality to the TechMate technician’s area to allow viewing of all days involved in a block booking 5768    Added functionality to allow technicians to change the status of a job from within the TechMate technician’s area 5882    Added functionality to configure a password for the static clock app, this needs to be entered when you first open the static clock. This is optional 5884    Added functionality for technicians to be able to see what parts are attached to the job they are working on from within the TechMate technician’s area 750      Added functionality to be able to see adjusted SIV on the car stock report, also added a new tick box for the car stock report to “include vehicles not on salespersons list” 3275    Added functionality to allow users to add specialist jobs to an eVHC upsell 4201    It is no longer possible to receipt parts at a qty with more than two decimal places 5084    Fixed an issue where the “Number of invoiced jobs” on eVHC reports did not always show the correct information 6172    Fixed an issue where the MOT due date in vehicle records and the stock book would not stay in sync 6305    Buttons have been implemented in the new tyre upsell functionality to allow access to parts, this is to quickly bring back try prices from the parts stock module 5090    Fixed an issue where, under certain conditions, raising a jobsheet from a diary booking with parts attached would cause an error popup 4159    Evosales customer records now has both personal and work email to match Evolution customer records 5628    It is now possible to configure TechMate to set the supervisor of a jobsheet to be the Technician that clocked onto the job 6345    The cash book functionality now supports multi-company configurations 6337    Fixed an issue where the system would not let you perform a contra involving multiple transactions from either side, even if the totals balanced in the end
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