Evolution DMS Release 1 2017

Evolution DMS Release 1 2017
6281     Added functionality to allow the changing of the service advisor on the eVHC upsell screen. 6284     Added functionality to allow the changing of a jobs status from within TechMate. 6289     Stopped the TechMate static clock from asking if you want to clock back onto a job if that job has been invoiced or cancelled. 6298     Source of enquiry can now be made mandatory in Evosales order builder. 6333     TechMate static clock has been reformatted to show the text elements more clearly. 6247     Pro forma invoices now show order numbers as per the jobsheet prints. 6251     Clocking on to a labour line now updates the technician on that line to the technician that clocked onto it, even if there is already another technician assigned to that line. 6260     Fixed an issue where the eVHC popup wouldn’t always show on the timer. 6262     Fixed an issue where estimated hours were not always populated after upselling from a eVHC. 6263     Added functionality to allow upselling to a “New Jobsheet” from the eVHC upsells section. 6277     eVHC upsell notes are now available to view in the reports and follow up tab in jobsheets. 6144     When using the postcode lookup service, if you entered a premise number, this wouldn’t get populated for certain postcodes, now fixed. 6171     Non-stock purchase date, supplier, and invoice ref are no longer mandatory when adding parts to job if a user chooses to not order that part via holding order. 6204     The stock taking module was ignoring negative stock, this will no longer be the case. 6242     Added functionality to show full tyre details on the eVHC upsell screen. 6244     It is now possible to configure the system to have all TechMate notes set to “Important” by default. 6003     When performing a particularly large auto order you could receive the error “Too many open tables” now fixed. 6005     Added functionality to be able to change what information you want to see on a jobsheet in TechMate, this can be configured from the TechMate settings in Evolution. 6011     Added functionality to be able to edit and delete TechMate notes and photos from TechMate notes, this also keeps a full log of when photos are deleted or notes edited/deleted. 6012     It was not possible to edit clocking times if the first line of labour on the job had no clocking times on it, now fixed. 6026     Added functionality to be able to see what technicians are clocked onto from within Evolution, this can be found in the jobsheets module. 6036     Added functionality to be able to see work for “other techs” and “other days” so that block bookings can be more easily managed. 5922     Creating a campaign within Campaign 365 with a code longer than 15 characters would cause an “Operation not applicable” error message, now fixed. 5936     The second printer/bin function in printed documents was not working correctly, this is now resolved. 5972     It is now possible to configure the quality of photos stored by TechMate, this ranges from Small (smallest) to Original (Largest) 5988     A new report has been built which details missed eVHC upsells and can be found in the eVHC reports section of the reports module. 6001     The auto clock off for TechMate will now correctly clock technicians out at a specified time. 5785     Changed “Expected payment methods” on jobsheet prints to only show the payment method selected. Payment types are now selected from a drop down.
5785     TechMate Service Advisor module now also allows the entering of an “Expected payment type” 5827     The data export now has source of enquiry for the following areas: jobsheets, service invoices, diary bookings, parts invoices. 5853     When installing TechMate you will no longer have to enter the server address manually, now you will be presented with a server to connect to instead. 5889     If a letter had been generated in Campaign 365 but not printed yet, the customer would show correspondence with a date of 30/12/1899, now fixed. 5890     It is now possible to configure TechMate to set the supervisor of a job to the technician that clocks onto it, this needs to be configured in the TechMate settings. 5695     Adding non stock parts to the diary wouldn’t display the holding order prompt like it does in jobsheets, now fixed. 5750     Fixed a display issue in Renault.NET where intervention totals on the jobsheet would show incorrect totals. 5617     Added functionality to allow more efficient upselling of tyres. Instead of adding a line item for every tyre you enter a price for each tyre and one labour line for fitting/balancing. 5639     Attempting to open a sent letter from Campaign 365 whilst not logged into the server would throw an error due to the location not being accessible, now fixed. 5386     The formatting of the loading circle in the TechMate static clock application has been changed to be more clear. 5407     Functionality has been added for those that don’t have “Unordered clocking” enabled to allow reordering of the labour lines on a jobsheets, and thus a Techs tablet.
5408     Parts allocated to a job are now visible in TechMate, this is via a new tab in the app and will list all parts attached to the job. 5412     Functionality has been added to show when a vehicle has a service plan in the TechMate service advisor module. 5487     Printed jobsheets were not using the printer saved in the background but instead just the last printer used, now fixed. 5511     It is now possible to configure TechMate static clock to require a password when opening. 4677     Adding the same parts kit to a jobsheet twice would let you invoice the parts into negative, now fixed. 4736     SMS messages sent from a customers record in Evosales would put an =2E or = symbol into the message after 70 characters, now fixed. 4826     Performance optimisations have been made in the eVHC app to rectify speed issues that occurred if you had a lot of eVHC comments. 4939     Fixed an issue where the error “Job number 0 was raised at another site” would occasionally occur when performing an eVHC upsell in a multi-site system. 4949     Running the Peugeot CRM extract more than once in one session would throw the errors “List index out of bounds (77)” and “RecordIndex out of range.” now fixed. 3103     Search functionality has been added to vehicle history -> jobsheets. 3504     The system can now be configured to automatically populate the workshop on the eVHC upsell screen with the users default workshop. 3927     When adding a part to a eVHC upsell, the Reporting Group is now taken from the part record, the reporting group field is now also visible on parts records for those that use FIFO. 4006     Service plan expiry has been added as a field into the data export in the reports module. 4656     Work description on labour lines in the diary had a field length that was shorter than the rest of the system, this has now been brought in line with the rest of Evolution. 6205     Fixed an issue with the importing of Ford parts price file when the price file was downloaded in a certain format. 6009     “Customer Waiting” and “Collection Time” have been added to the TechMate app in the technicians area, both show up in red. 5969     The TechMate “Important” notes would not always pop up on screen in jobsheets, now fixed. 5703     If you had two campaigns in Campaign 365 within a group that ran at the same time it was possible for one campaign to overwrite the other, now fixed. 5742     If you edited the first part of two on a specialist job, the nominal code and tax code would blank out forcing the user to enter them again, now fixed. 4913     Full tyre details were not appearing correctly on the Ford eVHC printout, now fixed. 5239     The system would stop you entering a write down or over allowance for a vehicle that had the status of “Deposit Taken” now changed. 5349     Adding a part to a jobsheet, then to holding order, could cause the wip quantity to not increase under certain conditions, now fixed. 6267     Due to changes in the Sage integration it will no longer be possible to create customer or supplier references that contain spaces, if a customer or supplier reference is attempted to be generated with a space it will be removed post creation. Any customer or supplier references that already have spaces will need to be dealt with manually by Gemini Systems support team. 5979     It is now possible to configure TechMate to automatically change the job status  When a technician starts a job the status will change to “In Progress” when they finish all labour lines on a job the status will change to “complete” this needs turning on in TechMate settings first.
5626     New functionality has been implemented within TechMate to allow “Managers permission” to clock onto other productive tasks, once enabled the manager will receive requests from technicians to clock onto other productive tasks, the technician will not be able to clock onto the other productive task unless the manager approves it on their tablet device.
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