6338     The Volkswagen interface service has had some stability improvements introduced.
6806     When generating a landing page for an eVHC the system offers the option to preview the page, sporadically it would just show a blank page, now fixed.
6264     Several changes have been made to the TechMate app to improve connection stability for users with unstable infrastructure.
6761     A new eVHC “Landing page” has been implemented, this allows users to send all the information of a eVHC out to the customer, including all relevant photos and videos.
6434     Changes have been made to the CAP interface, specifically with the connection details to CAP, this will allow us to continue integrating with the CAP web services.
6466     Improved the TechMate Workshop Controller app allowing users to move a scheduled line of work from one technician to another.
6575     Clicking on “Don’t book” in the Campaign365 followups module would occasionally cause a missing field prompt now resolved.
6580     Under certain conditions it was possible to have the eVHC pop up show duplicate lines, now fixed.
6622     Improved Word document creation for groups in Campaign365.
Previous update release notes can be found HERE