Evolution DX Release 4 2017

Evolution DX Release 4 2017

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Case    Change
2504     Bonus income and finance commissions would not show on the summary sheet if they were added whilst the vehicle was SOR, then was adopted to stock, they now do. 4563     Some field lengths in customer records have been increased, these are Name and Premise (now 30) Postcode (now 10) and email (now 50). 4705     Adding, changing or deleting labour or parts lines from estimates would move you to the last intervention of the estimate, it will now leave you on the one selected. 4879     Attempting to perform a CAP valuation on a commercial vehicle would not change the CAP database to the VANS database, this will now be the case. 4940     Improved insurance job process to stop the potential of double entry when a new job was created from the original job. 4978     Creating a diary booking from an estimate will now populate the “Booked in for” details of a diary booking with the estimate number it came from. 5123     If the user did not populate certain dates on a vehicle sale, the vehicle record associated with that sale would have those dates set to 30/12/1899, no longer the case. 5263     The labour rate (bodyshop) stored against customer records is now only used if the job type is set to bodyshop. 5311     Preferred email in customer records will now be used in all areas that the user can email customer from. 5364     The bar chart in the job diary will now round hours available figures to two decimal places, previously the rounding was to more decimal places. 5393     Internal jobs now shows the Full Name in Jobsheets as the internal account name if no customer is attached to the vehicle sale, if a customer is attached it will show their details. 5474     Print button added to Sublet orders to save having to go back to incomplete orders to print
5474     Switching from the sublet order screen to incomplete sublet orders will now keep the same order selected. 5616     Performing a CAP lookup in vehicle records will no longer show the price or standard equipment, this info is not relevant here, it can still be seen in the vehicle stock book. 5646     The ‘add to holding order’ prompt would incorrectly identify the number of parts that would be required to bring the stock up to the level required for the job, now fixed. 5782     Re-raising a jobsheet from a credit note would not let you clock onto the labour lines through TechMate, this is now possible. 5834     The Pro-hire imported payments will now appear in the cashbook to be allocated. 5932     Viewing a vehicle stock record which does not have a VIN No. or other required info whilst it is locked by another user, no longer locks the viewing user in the record. 5989     Double clicking on a part in an estimate, then searching for another part would cause the original part number to blank out, now fixed. 6013     When adding a part to a job, if you searched for the part using the parts stock screen, when the part was added to the job it wouldn’t be given a status, now fixed. 6198     Invoicing a car sale that had a part exchange attached would bring over the colour, radio code and alarm code of the car being sold to the part exchange coming in, now fixed. 6230     Vehicle records and vehicle stock records now have a photos tab to show all eVHC and TechMate photos attached to that vehicle. 6252     TechMate will now automatically update a jobs status to “Paused” when a technician has clocked off the line but not finished it. 6291     When printing a jobsheet the preferred email selected on a customers’ record would not be displayed on the jobsheet, now fixed.
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