Evolution DX Release 4.5 2017

Evolution DX Release 4.5 2017

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6739     The mechanics productivity report now has an option to exclude breaks from attended hours, a new column has also been added “Attendance Efficiency”. 6746     A “Non stock parts” report has been added to the reports module, the information for this report comes from the recent non-stock parts purchases function. 6789     Part exchanges were sometimes being omitted from the historic stock and aged stock reports, now resolved. 6634     It is now possible to configure the system to default the eVHC WIP filters to “ALL” by default, instead of defaulting to the users workshop, franchise etc 4586     Jobsheets now has a new tab to hold the eVHC info, this has then been further organised with sub-tabs for item checks, tyres, photos, videos and up-sell notes. 4585     A new button has been added to the newly created eVHC tab in jobsheet, this “Send to web” allows you to send photos and video reports to the new eVHC landing page. 6433     The eVHC reports have been redesigned with new reporting methods. 6802     It is now possible to choose which internet browser the Campaign 365 online email editor and template library is opened in if the user has multiple internet browsers installed. 6803     When generating a landing page for a eVHC the system asks you if you want to preview the page, sporadically it would just show a blank page, now fixed. 6791     Changing the registration of a car in the VSB would not update the reg on any current diary bookings, despite altering it on the jobsheets, now resolved 5753     Using OSI it is now possible to create SOR vehicle in the stock book without having to specify sale or deal details, previously this was not possible. 6770     New functionality has been added to allow transferring of non-stock parts from one jobsheet to another. 6782     Changes have been made to to speed up the processing of non-stock parts. These revolve around adding purchase info directly to the part info in jobsheets 6785     The VAT field in non-stock parts purchases has been made editable so the user can make VAT adjustments if necessary. 6781     When using the carry out MOT button in a diary booking the system will now ensure the MOT value is copied into the MOT box on the corresponding jobsheet. 5943     A new feature-rich online email editor and Template Library has been implemented into Campaign 365. The legacy email editor can still be used. 6701     Facebook posts created from Campaign 365 would insert a breaking character (=) after every 71 characters in the post, now fixed. 6678     Running the eVHC application in different time zones to GMT would cause the following error “The given “30/12/1899″ local time is invalid” now resolved. 6675     Resolved a sporadic issue where raising a diary booking/jobsheet from an estimate would sometimes not link the work lines correctly. 6691     Performing an inter-company transfer (ICT) is now possible for vehicles which have write downs applied to them. 6519     The non-stock parts purchases module will now allow you to enter a cost price to three decimal places. 6648     The returns module has now been given a “posting preview” when posting the credit for the parts, this works in the same way as in parts orders. 6679     Under certain conditions when crediting a sublet order there would be no items to choose to credit, now fixed. 6618     Several changes have been made to the TechMate app to improve connection stability for users with unstable infrastructure. 6642     A new eVHC “Landing page” has been implemented, this allows users to send all the information of a eVHC out to the customer, including all relevant photos and videos. 6683     When raising workshop requests you can now specify a different company to the company the car is stocked at, if you select a different company the job is raised as a retail job. 6699     Updated  Campaign 365 inline with the latest Facebook API specifications.
3543     Deposits have been improved, you can now Add, Edit, Refund and Delete a deposit.  You can edit or delete a deposit until it is processed via the cash book. After that, the refund button must be used to clear the deposit.
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