Evolution’s integration with award-winning website provider 67 Degrees.

Evolution’s integration with award-winning website provider 67 Degrees.

How Evolution’s integration with award-winning website provider

67 Degrees could benefit you.

Gemini Systems’ DMS innovates through integration, featuring a two-way API called OSI or Open Systems Integration, which offers the best ‘open-door’ policy within the UK DMS market.

OSI enables our partners to quickly develop 2-way integration with Evolution, granting access to customer account information, vehicle information, vehicle stock information and much more. It also allows our partners to ‘post’ data live into the DMS, providing our customers with great flexibility and functionality without the overhead of any double entry.

67 Degrees, our preferred website provider.

67 Degrees is one of the automotive industry’s most exciting marketing agencies in the UK. They’re a team of like-minded professionals who specialise in developing innovative websites, e-commerce solutions and marketing services exclusively to the automotive industry. Their core offering is custom, bespoke and templated website design, for which they have won multiple awards. Their secondary offering is paid social, PPC (pay per click advertising), PR and Content Marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), both of which we know many of our customers undertake or want to, but just don’t know how to.

Much like Gemini Systems, their typical customers are car dealers of all shapes and sizes; all the way from independents to multi franchise dealers across the UK, making them a great fit for us.

The benefits of our Integration partnership.

Efficiency. Integration with an award-winning website provider like 67 Degrees means our customers are not only getting a website provided by the best in the market, but it also means that our customers benefit from live vehicle stock integration without the need for double keying. Simply put, Dealers can manage and advertise all stock in Evolution, with this information passed to their website, via our integration, automatically and in real time.

Streamlined Processes. 67 Degrees e-commerce solution (an add-on available to their websites) means Dealers can take advantage of a two-step reserve online or full end-to-end product to totally transform their customers’ buying journey; the minute a reservation or transaction takes place on a 67 Degrees website, Evolution DMS is updated instantly, and stock records amended accordingly. It’s an efficient and seamless process that will revolutionise the way customers can sell. 

Flexibility. The integration with our API allows 67 Degrees to interrogate all vehicle stock and provides the ability to write back full deal information to the DMS. Dealers can choose what stock is passed to their website and what isn’t, whilst maintaining a record or their entire vehicle inventory in one place.

Responsiveness. For us, 67 Degrees are a breath of fresh air to work with and their quality of work and attention to detail speaks volumes. We have a great working relationship with them, and we know that as a partnership, we can offer a quick response to any customer queries, which is essential in the fast-paced industry that is the motor trade.

Growth. Gemini Systems provides Dealers with the tools to help them grow, as does 67 Degrees, meaning our customers have both a website and DMS that grows together as the dealer scales.

Get in touch

Whether you are looking to change your DMS provider to us, or you are already one of our customers, looking to develop a new website and/or expand on your marketing, why not get in touch today to find out how our integration with 67 Degrees can benefit you.

Fancy having a look at 67 Degrees’ work and finding out a bit more about them? Visit their website today.

Evolution’s integration with award-winning website provider 67 Degrees .