Gemini Systems achieves OWS Certification…. again.

Gemini Systems achieves OWS Certification…. again.

Back in 2012 Gemini Systems were proud to be the first DMS provider to achieve Open Warranty Solution (OWS) certification. Shortly after however, Ford delayed the rollout of the system due to technical issues and Ford dealers continued to use Global Warranty Entry (GWE), which OWS now supersedes.

Move forward 10 years and we can once again announce that we have achieved OWS certification. This is after a period of development, in which time we have worked closely alongside Ford and Hartwell PLC, a Ford main dealer, to not only improve the interface further but also enhance its functionality over and above what Hartwell’s previous DMS provider offered.

What does OWS certification mean for Ford Gemini customers?

First and foremost, the biggest benefit is improved efficienciesOur interface eliminates the need to double-key, saving time and improving accuracy when processing warranty claims.

Warranty reconciliation within the accounts. As warranty claims are processed and paid, the invoiced versus paid amount is sent to the Accounts Module for reconciliation. In the event of a discrepancy, appeals can be made directly from the warranty register.

Information at your fingertips. Access all warranty information within the DMS without leaving the warranty register screen.

Get in touch

If you would like to streamline your warranty submissions, get in touch with us today to discuss how our OWS interface can save your dealership time and money. Call 01522 698911 or email or visit the Contact Us page of our website to complete an enquiry form.

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