Gemini Systems is proud to achieve XFI certification.

Gemini Systems is proud to achieve XFI certification.

Gemini Systems is proud to announce that it has completed development and testing of all modules in the Ford UpTime Connect/XFI suite of interfaces. We have worked closely with Ford during the testing period to ensure data quality and to achieve sign off. The rollout to our dealers will commence shortly and we’ll be in touch to discuss this directly.

What are the completed modules?

Repair Order (RO) Global UDB 5.1 / Downtime Management (DTM) – Provides Ford with real-time status updates as a repair order progresses from open to close at the dealer. DMS users will have the ability to easily access PTS to raise a Downtime Alert (DTA) with pre-populated vehicle information.

Digital Service Record (DSR)  Enables DMS users to request a DSR Report (a report of service) to provide to a customer directly from the DMS. Requesting the DSR Report also creates the required DSR within the PTS/DSR system.

Customer Data Update (CU) Transmits added or edited customer data from the DMS without requiring a repair order (RO) or parts invoice (OTC)

Invoice Over-the-Counter (OTC) Enables each dealer to report ‘Over the Counter’ parts only sales (without customer and/or vehicle information) to Ford Motor Company.

Used Vehicle Sales Enables each dealer to report ‘Used vehicle sales’ information to Ford Motor Company.

How does it impact the Dealer?

All relevant data will be used by Ford for a variety of downstream programs including incentives, customer retention management, and the Customer Viewpoint survey process. It will also feed the Dealer Dashboard, which enables dealerships to view their performance and ensures continued participation in associated sales/marketing programmes/rewards.

Get in Touch

As mentioned, we will be in touch regarding XFI but please feel free to contact us if you wish to discuss it further or any other Ford developments, such as our Ford OWS (One Warranty Solution) certification or Ford Superservice Menus / Microcat interfaces.