Latest Evolution DX Release Notes

Latest Evolution DX Release Notes

Evolution DX V1.17.2201.1140 now available


Please contact our support team on +44 (0)1522 698 911 or log into the Harmony Support Portal to schedule the update.

Please be aware the Raptor ticketing system has been discontinued. We are now using Harmony PSA. 

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New Features
  • eDynamix integration via CSV
  • Imports now available through Bank Payments, Bank Receipts & Bank Transfers


  • Ability to tab between columns within VSB journal corrections
  • Automatically raise purchase invoice for cross company prep


  • Primary key error when closing out of a duplicate vehicle record
  • Labour lines in OWS require one decimal place
  • List of VHC Recalls due – No Results
  • Slight booking duration calculation issues in the new diary
  • C365 Service hangs when SMS exception occurs
  • Evo Cash Book – Aged Debtors Report (Unallocated Credits visual error)

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