Evolution DX Release 3 2017

Evolution DX Release 3 2017

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5093     The job number, date and model fields on warranty jobsheet printouts were either out of line or missing, this has been improved. 6085     A feature has been implemented to allow the user to choose a “write off date” for a parts stock take, changing this date will change the date/period the adjustments are made in. 4271     A feature has been implemented to be able to attach sublet from multiple sublet orders to a single jobsheet at the same time. 6287     Ordering by supplier in the cars location report didn’t order by supplier, now fixed. 5423     When emailing a stock order, pressing the supplier search button opened customers instead, it will now open supplier as originally intended. 5591     The stock values report in car sales reports would sometimes hang if you didn’t have CAP integration or a GLASS’ database, now resolved. 5739     Adding a discount to a labour line would make total values disappear on the pro forma printout, now fixed. 5800     Under certain conditions the system would pre-populate the reg of a new car record added to stock with the reg of a vehicle you were looking at previously, now fixed. 6231     Saving an estimate as a PDF would cause the subtotal to become distorted, this has been improved. 6238     You are now able to save the sales day report by customer as a PDF. 6241     Converting an estimate that had multiple interventions into a WIP parts invoice would not bring across every interventions’ parts, this now does. 6297     Changing a vehicle on a jobsheet would sometimes set the franchise incorrectly, now resolved. 6335     The labour price text for eVHC tyre upsells now shows “Labour Price (inc. VAT)” to avoid confusion. 6350     When attaching a vehicle to a jobsheet a warning will appear if a jobsheet already exists for that vehicle, it also displays the job number. 6432     The connection details for the CAP web service have changed, subsequently this has been updated in the DMS. 6501     When a vehicle type had standard accessories assigned the system was not pulling over the reporting group when these were added to the vehicle, they now will. 6504     The available value for a part would not show when adding it to a jobsheet, it is now visible. 6515     Attempting to transfer a deposit in Evosales would sometimes cause an access violation error, now fixed. 6558     The payment type for a transaction has been added to the cash book so the user can see what payment type was selected for a given transaction. 6573     Deleting an image from a car in Evosales will now take you to the next available image instead of moving you to the top image. 6624     Attempting to open an existing Word document for a group in Campaign365 would show an SQL syntax error, now fixed. 5638     A pro forma invoice would not show the overall description of work done, this is now included. 6408     Performance increases have been made in the vehicle stock book. 6526     A feature has been implemented to stop selected vehicle type standard accessories from being deleted without permission. 6652     Non stock surcharge returns will now credit the correct nominal rather than the nominal of the non stock part it was attached to. 6662     Due to a rounding error, the user would occasionally get an error “Allocation amounts must balance to zero” when allocating payments in the cash book, now fixed.
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