Evolution DX Release 6 2016

Evolution DX Release 6 2016

Please contact our support team on +44(0)1522 698 911 or log into the Raptor Support Portal to schedule the update.

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Case      Fix/Change
5954    A warning now appears if you attempt to book sublet out lower than cost price, the warning doesn’t appear if the item was not ordered from sublet orders in the first place. 5828    An “edit description” button for parts and labour types has been added in system settings, editing the description of a part / labour type will change it’s description globally. 5647    If a technician clocked himself to an un-allocated job in Techmate the technician would not be recorded on the labour line in the jobsheet, now fixed. 5531    When using specialist jobs under certain circumstances the system would remove the part type from the parts attached to the specialist job, now fixed. 5422    Text typed into the “more information” box on customer or vehicle documents didn’t always save, it will now save in all areas these tabs can be accessed. 4855    Tyre details were omitted on Ford eCheck / eVHC printouts, instead the pre-configured comments or manual comments would appear there instead. Now both appear. 4349    Non labour charges has been implemented into the estimates section. 3033    Supplementary invoices will now show an improved description in the nominal reconciliation section. 5931    Adding a skillset to a technician would add a blank line into the skillsets list also. It would also assign the skillset to the first technician in the list of technicians, now fixed. 5928    If a DVLA lookup returned no value for the “doors” field an error would occur, now fixed. 5951    When a car was locked in Evolution and a user tried to access the order for the car in Evosales the order builder would completely lock until Evosales was restarted, now fixed. 5850    The supplementary invoice report now has a “detailed” option when running it, selecting this option will give you further analysis on the report. 5846    The summary WIP report didn’t have the same run options as the detailed version, specifically filtering by workshop and date. Both reports now have these options. 5046    The WIP report labour total was actually the total of both parts and labour, also there was no total for non labour, this has now been changed and the report has been tidied up. 5914    The costs breakdown tab in vehicle sales has been replaced by the summary sheet/financial summary reports, the tab has therefore been removed. 5906    Marked up parts from specialist jobs would show a discount percentage on the jobsheet when added to a jobsheet despite actually being marked up, now fixed. 5896    The sales day book totals and headers have been tidied up, as in their current form the report was difficult to read. 5851    The “type” field is now mandatory when raising a deposit, the “bank” drop down has been hidden but can be enabled per user and additional safe-guards have been added. 5857    When confirming a GRN, if you tried to cancel at a particular stage, the system would force you to proceed regardless or close the system to cancel, now fixed. 5683    Service invoice prints only allowed for 10 character part numbers, this has now been extended and has also been extended in multiple other areas across the system. 5859    The “view splits” button on a warranty job didn’t include non labour charges, it now will. 5600    There is now a “missed upsell” report in the eVHC reports section of the reports module. 5656    Raising a showroom request for a car that had a collection booked would carry the collection date into the booking but not the time, it will now carry both over. 3066    The “work carried out” section of printed jobsheets has been tidied up to prevent duplicate information and to make the jobsheet more readable. 2561    Adding deposits to a vehicle after it had been invoiced would change the status of the car to “deposit taken” it will no longer do this and will instead remain as “sold” 5497    Additional labour line notes were not transferring from a diary booking to the jobsheet, they now will. 5856    The CUSORT field in Access financials which holds the account status of a customer would reset to blank under certain circumstances, now fixed. 5849    The returns report from the parts returns module didn’t include the return ID for the returns note, it now will. 5699    In a diary booking the telephone field would only show telephone 1 from the customer record, now it will show the “preferred” number from the customers record. 5513    Parts added to holding order from jobsheets would not have their status updated on the jobsheet when they were later received through parts stock orders, now resolved. 5365    There is now functionality to add “default” accessories to a vehicle type, when these are set up, giving a car the vehicle type will add it’s associated accessories to the vehicle sale. 5109    Changing a registration on a diary booking would sometimes cause the details of the vehicle to remain the same, this could cause data issues down the line, now fixed. 5805    The hours worked on the WIP report didn’t always match to the labour analysis report, several changes made to both reports to keep the two correct and consistent. 5092    The tyre ratings popup, accessed through parts stock records, had no way of closing it once opened, now fixed. 5431    The Ford Ecat loading bar would appear over the top of other prompts and messages, it will no longer do this. 5955    Invoice type for a sublet order is now selectable at the sublet order stage. 5959   An access violation would occur when transferring a deposit from a consignment vehicle, now fixed. 5953    The invoice type drop down has been extended for longer descriptions. 5949    Marking a service invoice as paid would move the pointer in the list of invoices instead of keeping it where it was, now fixed. 5904    An error would occur “Cannot edit part details” when adding more of one of the same part to a jobsheet under certain conditions. Now fixed. 5916    The overall description of work done appeared incorrectly on estimate printouts, now fixed. 5714    You can now filter by car location in the vehicle stock book. 5920    Requesting a workshop job from Evosales caused an error “Cannot resolve type: IEvoData” now fixed. 5210    BCM Importer is now fully automated. 6054    Buttons in evosales order builder had moved over the top of some of the totals of the order, now fixed. 5869    The eVHC advisor and site analysis reports showed 100% of jobs as having eVHC‘s even when this wasn’t the case, now fixed. 5350    DataXFR web uploader will now attempt to resend if it hits an error during it’s run. 5939    Posting a deposit allowance through evosales would cause an access violation under certain circumstances, now fixed. 4103    There are several new reports in the system under car sales reports – stock lists: Stock Costs detailed, Stock Costs Summary. And also under Car sales reports – Sales/Purchase Reports: Bonus accruals and provisions report, Financial accruals and provisions report, Creditors accruals and provisions report.
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