Evolution DMS Release 3 2017

Evolution DMS Release 3 2017
6769     Campaign 365 has a new email editor & template library. The new editor is feature rich and has the ability to pick and edit from a list of pre-designed templates.
6807     It is now possible to choose which browser the new Campaign 365 editor is opened in. 7136     Campaign 365 would send both grouped reminders and single reminders under rare circumstances, now resolved. 6962     Reprinting a letter from the recipients list in Campaign 365 would cause an “Invalid value for field RecID” prompt, now resolved . 6813     It was possible for reconditioning work to not appear on a vehicle under certain circumstances, now resolved. 6879     When running particularly large campaigns Campaign 365 would show an out of memory message, now resolved. 6920     Stability improvements have been made to TechMate, specifically concerning a technician attempting to access a job whilst someone else is locking it. 6749     Changes have been made to the Sage integration to allow posting to customers that already exist in Sage that have spaces in their account references. 6760     Improved compatibility with Facebook or Twitter integration from Campaign 365 6604     The Nissan Grassroots interfaces now also sends parts stock levels and used vehicle stock information. 6607     When sending parts orders from the orders print preview the supplier’s email address is now made visible. 5107     The list of printers available to Campaign 365 is now controlled dynamically rather than at runtime, this means the list of available printers is always up to date. 5715     There is now a notification system to advise users where the DMS is not on the latest version. It will inform masters users and give a link to the latest release notes. 6328     A scroll bar has been added to the “Parts currently attached to jobsheet” (Part Details tab). 6347     The reminder date box has been added to the vehicle health check screen, it can also be edited from this screen. 6472     TechMate photos would briefly disappear when entering the TechMate notes tab only for them to reappear later on, now fixed. 718       Pro forma invoices have been made to look like actual service invoices rather than jobsheet prints.
6267     Several changes have been made to support the latest version of Sage.
6911     Guardian Angel early warning system added to Fiat Chrysler Automobiles PRIM Interface 6912     Guardian Angel early warning system added to Campaign 365
Cases Added after main release
7151     The subject line in Campaign 365 can now correctly handle the “&” symbol 7123     TechMate Digital Service Advisor (DSA) can now have a screen to propose the eVHC 7119     TechMate DSA now displays the Job total on the digital signature screen 7060     Nissan Grassroots interface now reports internal invoices and always assigns a record type for car sales 7053     The eVHC video landing page now makes use of our own ‘evhc.co’ domain, rather than the generic Rebrand.ly domain 6893     Background updates to Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) PRIM: RICE files 6173     Campaign 365 now has the option to include internal vehicles in reminder sends
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