G Blackhurst sees benefits as it puts Evolution in the cloud with KJL

G Blackhurst sees benefits as it puts Evolution in the cloud with KJL


Several clients of Gemini Systems already choose to operate their DMS in the cloud, whilst others opt to have an on-site server.  One of the benefits of Evolution is that our clients can chose the platform on which they operate….However, as detailed below, there can be significant advantages to being in the cloud.

A large proportion of Gemini Systems’ clients have been operating Evolution for many years and in this time they have invested very little in their hardware infrastructure, specifically when it comes to their server capabilities. Blackhust After 14 years with no substantial updates to their hardware one such client, G Blackhurst & Son (Blackhursts), had to make a critical decision as their owned hardware was no longer capable of meeting the demands of the business. David Walton, Parts Manager at Blackhursts explains:
The server we were using to run the Gemini Systems DMS was just not capable of managing the increases in users we’ve had over the years. It was run from the main company server, which was also used as a file server, and as a print share. As time went on, we knew we were forced to either upgrade our own equipment, or look for a second option. When we spoke to Gemini Systems and told them we wanted to know what was possible, they recommended Kevin James Ltd (KJL).
Gemini Systems suggested their preferred hosting partner KJL, who have been creating, deploying and successfully managing IT systems for almost two decades. KJL’s core partners include Microsoft, Dell, Zen Internet, Symantec and of course Gemini Systems, to name a few. They support nearly 2000 end users around the UK with clients based in the automotive, construction, education and financial industries. Over the course of a 30 minute initial consultation, the KJL team clearly explained its’ structure: keeping costs minimal, scaling up through user licences and covering running costs. This would mean removing the burden of administration, maintenance and upgrades. With the amount they were currently spending to keep their servers alive and working, and the amount they would save in real-terms by switching, they decided they had the available budget to accommodate the setup. After running our demonstration system for a couple of days David Walton explains:
Well it was fast, noticeably so, but honestly we were just happy to have found a host who came so highly recommended. They inspired total confidence in the system, and had a great setup just in case anything went wrong – really great business continuity.
The implementation also included base level integration and hosting for their existing payroll software, Sage, as David, again, explains:
Sage was a concern for obvious reasons. It quickly became apparent that our users were not totally comfortable with the changes, however with the assistance, expertise and patience of the KJL team, we soon put these concerns aside. They managed the switchover really well, working closely with staff, and even made themselves available 24/7 in case they had any troubles. From there, things became much smoother, and I need to thank them for going above and beyond. KJL even improved our Sage backup process – its lightning fast now – a big improvement.

Blackhursts were able to avoid substantial cost and remove a significant risk to their operations. Following successful migration to the new service, Blackhurst have been able to invest in new workstations for their staff, setup a remote support agreement with KJL and grow their marketing budget to ensure the business can keep on expanding without losing their level of service.


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