Case      Fix/Change
5560     Further changes have been made to ensure the up-sell module is not accessible when the user does not have a valid eVHC license key.
5598     The “commercial vehicle” tick-box in vehicle records which resided only in the commercial version of Evolution has now been moved into the normal version of Evolution.
5625     The Jaguar Land Rover feed now supports multi site feeds.
5504     Transferring a diary booking now updates the jobsheet date if it has a jobsheet attached to it.
5528     The Manheim RCT feed is now available.
5541     Display issues with the printed eVHC form when selecting “space saver” on a VHC have been rectified.
5545     “Allocated time” in TechMate previously used the “hours charged” field on a booking/jobsheet, it will now use “hours estimated”, if this is blank it will use “hours charged”
5558     The switch to show extra tyre info on eVHC printouts was not working correctly, now fixed.
4386     When up-selling eVHC parts the system used the value in cost instead of last cost, it will now look at last cost first or if the user has FIFO enabled it will look at cost1.
4703     The car advert report showed the same description for every vehicle, now fixed.
4966     Users with “Diary access is RO” turned on would not be able to switch interventions on a diary booking to view parts & labour attached to interventions other than A, now fixed.
5106     Customer notes now has a scroll bar to ensure all notes can be viewed.
4007     Evosales was not populating “last edited” on new customer records, this caused issues with the Peugeot CRMe, now fixed.
4068     The operative efficiency report was not picking up values on custom productive codes, now working fine.
3932     The required by date will no longer change when transferring a diary booking.
5593     eVHC popups would sporadically get access violation error messages, now fixed.
5095     Sage V22 has been added to the Sage version in system settings.
Previous update release notes can be found HERE