Evolution DX Release 4, 2018 is now available


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897      The ‘Technician Invoiced Labour’ has been updated and Recovery Rate has been added
4764    The Labour and Parts Type selection boxes are now dynamically sized to ensure all text is visible
5533    There was a spurious problem where users might get stuck in Sublet Order credits following a warning message, resolved
6597    Changes made to ensure Finance commission accruals post with the correct date
6845    The ‘Full Service History’ report in vehicle Records now gives the option for Detailed and Summary to show/hide invoice lines from the report
7035    Changes have been made to ensure the ‘Labour Analysis’ and ‘Workshop Analysis’ always use the same report criteria
7534    The ‘Historic Stock’ report now considers the dates for vehicles that were transferred between sites
7535    The ‘Duplicate Customer check’ feature no longer also checks deleted customers
7643    The Evolution Prospecting Letters now consider the GDPR settings, to fall in line with the changes made for Campaign365
7741    It is now possible to select warranty parts/labour types for jobs performed on a Loan Car
7748    Resolved an issue where, in very rare circumstances, the Deal Profit Calculator/Summary Sheet Profit was not calculating correctly.
7765    It is now possible to raise a workshop job for other sites of the same company, previously this was only enabled across multiple companies
7783    The ‘Duplicate Customer Check’ feature has now been added to the Showroom systems (EvoSales)
7787    It is now possible to filter by New/Used stock in the Showroom System (EvoSales)
7790    Added additional functionality to ensure a user cannot delete a customer attached to a current/ongoing vehicle sale, this matches the existing functionality in service/parts
7819    Overall Description of Work Done in estimates now has the same Character Limit as jobsheets and the diary
7870    A potential issue where a manufacturer Bonuses could double up on reports where two bonus types have the same name has now been resolved
7877    The master ‘Service Invoices’ module is now filtered by site
7881    The Bank Reconciliation module has had significant enhancements, including the ability to add receipts, payments, transfers and refunds
7891    It is now possible to change the internal workshop request ‘Job Limit’ after the stock vehicle has been invoiced
7908    Ford REACT dealer code changes made to ensure dealers with multiple Ford dealer codes submit data correctly
7927    When searching for a vehicle reg in the diary and it didn’t exist, the reg would clear from the search box. This now remains, making it quicker to add the new vehicle
7944    The Ford REACT feed does not accept Post Codes with 10 characters, so any postcodes that incorrectly have 10 chars will be trimmed before sending
7959    The Days in Stock calculation in the VSB continues to increase after the vehicle is sold, this now stops to only increase whilst still in stock
7960    The ‘Internet Price’ field in Vehicle Stock Book was read only, now editable
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