Evolution DX Release 3b and 3c, 2018 now available


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7101    When raising a workshop request from sales, the workshop will now auto-populate
7803    Further connection stability improvements have been made to the TechMate and eVHC applications
7810    The new GDPR opt-in information has been added to the data export, to be used when extracting customer data
7828    GRN printouts now include both the order number and the supplier reference
7830    The nominal transaction enquiry in Evolution now includes the transaction’s tax code
7831    Adjustments have been made to the Ford ECAT interface to better track the currently selected vehicle
7833    The aged debtors report in Evolution would exclude a transaction if it was allocated in a later period, this is now included
7838    Added ability to select multiple transaction at once in the bank reconciliation module in Evolution
7839    Payments and receipts are now taken into account in the bank reconciliation
7847    Resolved an issue where adding accessories to the Showroom System could cause a blank line to appear erroneously
7762    A popup has been implemented to inform users the customer has notes when changing or adding a customer to a diary booking
7354    It is now possible to edit an eVHC after it has been finished, controlled by a user right
7422    It is now possible to edit the supplier reference of a parts order at the confirmation/GRNI stage
7428    A “Days in stock” calculation has been added to the purchase details in the vehicle stock book
7569    The site number for a vehicle sale was not being set under certain conditions, now resolved
7585    Added Reg search to Part Stock Orders
7585    Service invoice number has been added as a column in the parts stock orders grid
7585    Parts stock order searches have been optimised to improve speed
7585    A new “Clear” button has been added to parts stock orders which clears all search criteria and returns the user to In Progress orders
7634    Late costs now post the COS journal at the date of the cost, rather than the date the vehicle was sold
7710    Deleting a non-stock part from a diary booking would not add it to the returns module, these are now included
7297    Sporadically an error “Invoice not found in accounts database” could appear when attempting to mark an invoice as paid, now resolved
6716    It is now possible to alter the supplier on a sublet order before it has been matched and confirmed against the invoice
6723    Manually entered history is now included on the Full service history printout in vehicle records
6828    Resolved a user experience issue where a sublet item was sometimes was not available for selection when adding to a jobsheet
6842    Sale mileage has been implemented in the vehicle stock book on the sales details page
6940    Double clicking on a note from TechMate will now take you to the relevant jobsheet
7013    If parts added to estimate and converted to a job/parts invoice and it didn’t exist in parts stock, a part record would not be created, now it will
3997    It was possible to attempt to post a sublet order if the date fell into a closed period, even if you didn’t have the user right to do so, resolved
5114    Suppliers details will now show on awaiting delivery GRNs
5573    The prospect contact sheet printed from either Evo or Evosales would show the original salesperson, updated to show the most recent salesperson
6301    When saving an order via ‘print as PDF’ the trade in declaration would show twice and overlap, now resolved
6535    When performing an inter-company transfer (ICT) on a stock vehicle, the available types will now be limited for quicker selection
6703    Double clicking on a note from TechMate will now clear down all notes for the same job, rather than just the one selected
1959    A “Full Credit” button has been implemented in credit notes, using it will mark all items on the invoice as fully credited, to speed up the process
2204    The company invoice header will now appear on parts returns notes
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