Evolution DX Release 2, 2019 is now available (v1.17.1902.681)


Please contact our support team on +44(0)1522 698 911 or log into the Raptor Support Portal to schedule the update.

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New Features

DX-207 (8063) Added the ability select the quantity of Non-Stock parts to return, once added to a job sheet
DX-124 (6321) Added the ability to assign automatic/default creditor costs to specific vehicle types (SEE HELP DOC HERE)
DX-95 (8125) Implemented Making Tax Digital (MTD) functionality. Evolution DX is now recognised by HMRC (SEE HELP DOC HERE)
DX-87 (5826) Access to “Customer Types” setup is now locked if Ford REACT! is enabled, this is to stop transmission failures caused by users changing settings
DX-134 (7931) Added the ability to filter by Transmission in the VSB Filter Stock area


DX-108 (7397) Added the ability to view and amend Mileage within TechMate
DX-84 (8213) Improvements to Batch Entry to allow for bulk-entry of Purchase Credits, Sales Invoices, Sales Credits, Bonuses and Commissions (SEE HELP DOC HERE)
DX-84 (8213) As part of improvements to Batch Entry it is now possible to import a spreadsheet to allow for bulk uploading of items
DX-270 (2318) Added additional criteria to the search/report function in Parts Returns to give more functional reporting
DX-92 (7932) Significant changes have been made to the Vehicle Type Changes function when moving vehicles to other sites. Now ensures the user selects where the financial transactions will be moved to (SEE HELP DOC HERE)

Bugs Fixes

DX-1151 Fixed an issue where EvoSales reports could generate error messages when trying to load
DX-1138 Resolved a discrepancy between the VSB Historic Stock Report printout and export, caused by the dating of Recon being ignored
DX-1131 Resolved an intermittent issue where the Accounts Statement Header would go missing on Statements in Evolution
DX-1129 Resolved an issue where printer and tray information could be forgotten, causing Campaign 365 letters to fail to print
DX-1086 Resolved an issue where the ‘New Part’ button could create erroneous supersession information
DX-1030 Resolved an issue where financial postings incorrectly warns of closed period when the nominal and ledger are I different periods
DX-159 (7679) Resolved an issue where the VSB Reconciliation tool could warn of “out of balance”
DX-143 (8062) Updated the Sales Order form to ensure that Salesperson and Source were correctly displayed, when configured in switches
DX-126 (8047) Resolved an issue where, if the Part-Ex make/model is changed in EvoSales the Vehicle details were not being updated in Evowin
DX-88 (3777) Removed the ability to return a part which was added to a jobsheet but was never received, as this would cause a negative quantity