Evolution DX Release 1, 2019 is now available (V1.17.1901.676)


Please contact our support team on +44(0)1522 698 911 or log into the Raptor Support Portal to schedule the update.

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**Due to a change of internal systems to improve development processes, some development case numbers will have both an old and new number. Gemini Systems took this opportunity to do a large ‘bug fix’ update rather than concentrating on introducing new features.**

New Features
DX-90 8052 – Show message when parts are added to job below cost like Paradox
DX-91 8101 Added the ability to reduce the returned parts value for dealing with non-refundable items

Bug Fixes
DX-1031 Resolved an issue were Campaign365 letters produced gaps if the merge fields within the customer record are blank/null
DX-1029 8197 Made improvements to the Evolution Bank Rec report, now shows current reconciled/un-reconciled balance, amongst other information.
DX-1017 7665 Resolved an issue in VSB where outstanding amount could be shown incorrectly on certain print-outs
DX-165 8154 Resolved a potential issue where Campaign365 could get stuck trying to re-send to the same email recipient if the email was rejected at the recipient end.
DX-105 8162 Changes made to historic stock report export
DX-101 8140 Updated user rights so that as an issued was introduced which meant only master users can change vehicle status
DX-100 8128 Job Number had reduced functionality in Service Invoices, now resolved
DX-97 8072 Added additional dealer code entry to Evolution as REACT and SARA/ESBOL may need separate dealer codes
DX-96 7970 REACT! feed updated to default accounts to ‘Individuals’, previously the default was company
DX-93 8164 Profit summary report now includes debtor bonuses in profit calculation
DX-91 8101 The Return parts process has been improved to resolve potential Issues with costs, qtys and adjustments
DX-85 8165 Resolved an issue where users may get a message “Unable to invoice vehicle: Sublet type missing stock/cost of recon”
DX-82 6998 Removing the invoice date from stocked vehicle (yet to be invoiced) now also clears the last prep date
DX-81 8209 Resolved a Campaign365 issue where it was possible to get a message “Bad text value [21/09/2007] format for mapping item [Registration Date->Registration Date]” when previewing sent correspondence
DX-1124 Added a refresh to Parts orders to stop the potential of cancelling an order that has been receipted on a different PC
DX-1117 Returns Module no longer recalculates manual override of Tax value when crediting the part(s)
DX-1097 Reversing Part Returns Credit now considers the new Reduction feature

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