Evolution DX Release 2, 2018 is now available


Please contact our support team on +44(0)1522 698 911 or log into the Raptor Support Portal to schedule the update.

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PLEASE NOTE: This update includes major enhancements to Evolution and its’ various modules to cover the GDPR changes. For more info please View the changes here 
7473    Significant GDPR changes, for more info please View the changes here
7457    Several changes have been made to the sales day book
7465    The car purchases report would exclude cancelled vehicles immediately when they were cancelled instead of bringing them off the report in the relevant period
7467    The profit by deal report would open then immediately close under certain circumstances, now resolved
7193    In Campaign365 it is now possible to remove duplicate customers in a marketing campaign if the customer owns more than one vehicle that falls under your campaign criteria
7154    Improved the capabilities of adding specialist jobs to a jobsheet
7398    The software will now log a that contact has been made, within the customer record, when an eVHC landing page email has been sent out
7391    Attempting to upload multiple videos from the eVHC app would sometimes cause a crash where internet speed was slow
3225    The technician’s invoices report has been updated to exclude credited invoices
7504    It is now possible to post payroll journals into the Financials from the SelectPay Payroll module
7399    Fuel type is now an available field for building a marketing or reminder campaign in Campaign365
7414    It is now possible to resend the eVHC landing page after a job has been invoiced
7429    Having the new update notification switch turned on users could cause a “List index out of bounds” error when logging in, now resolved
7197    Non stock purchases will now post to the accounts with a description that contains the job number and the purchase invoice number
7212    Follow up dates 1 and 2 in vehicle records can now be customised, the wording for these can be changed in Utils
7214    Vehicle stock can now be filtered by new/used in the stock book
7220    Improved the eVHC upsell process for upselling to a new jobsheet
7243    The VSB nominal reconciliation module has been changed to “Transaction Enquiry” and has the ability to show all accounting transactions
7189    The aged debtors report in Evolution now has an option to “group by department” it would previously do this by default but can now be turned off
6933    When using the Twitter integration in Campaign365 the image path was not stored correctly, now resolved
7054    There is now an option to reverse a processed non stock purchase or non stock return directly from within their respective modules
6583    A button has been added to credit notes to completely cancel an in-progress credit note and remove it
6793    The “Calculate recon to date” option for the historic stock report would date recon based on the job date instead of the invoice date, changed
6888    When trying to process a non stock purchase under certain conditions the user could receive the error “Cannot find a cost code for non-stock part” now resolved
6891    When editing a parts quantity if the quantity exceeded the amount in stock the holding order prompt would not appear when it should, now resolved
2995    Street 2 in Evolution’s customer records will now also be synchronised in the Sales Ledger Account in Financials
5079    Manual adjustments to parts stock wouldn’t change the part from red to black in a jobsheet if the part now met the required quantity, now resolved
5503    The technicians allocated time for a labour line in TechMate will now use either hours charged or hours estimated (depending on which one is filled in)
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