Evolution DX Release 2 2017

Evolution DX Release 2 2017

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Case    Change
6304     Changing the status of a jobsheet from within TechMate would cause the status not to change on certain devices, now fixed. 6332     The loading circle in TechMate static clock has been changed so that the image is more clear. 5360     New function has been added to Campaign365 to resend reminders for a set number of days. If the run is ever missed or failed it will not try to send these reminders again 977       Fields have been added to Campaign365 from the Evosales order builder and Evolution Vehicle stock book, this is to facilitate the creation of more advanced campaigns 5993     When changing a campaign in Campaign365 it was potentially possible to remove a template by accident, this is now not possible. 6495     In Campaign365 selecting a site before selecting a company caused an access violation, now fixed. 6386     Marketing campaigns from Campaign365 will now show up on the customer record in Evolution, the “reminders” tab has been changed to “Correspondence” 6485     eVHC reminders from Campaign365 were occasionally logging duplicate lines in the recipient list, now fixed. 6397     It is now possible to use the information generated for predicted tyre recall dates in Campaign365 6361     A new popup has been added to the followups module in Campaign365 to show what bookings, jobs, and invoices the customer has had since the campaign started 5901     “Cancel” and “Next” buttons have been added to the trade invoice procedure to clearly show that you can cancel a trade invoice before finalising it
6336     Clicking on the financials tab in parts stock orders when there were no active orders would cause the error “Cannot perform this operation on a closed dataset” now fixed. 5457     Vehicle deposit receipts will now show the vehicle sales invoice header at the top of the page. 6494     Performing a search in the MOTs module would cause the error “qryMOTS: Field ‘Pregistration’ not found” now fixed. 4601     New functionality has been added to automatically check for duplicate customers at the point of creation, this new feature uses the postcode and street 1 values to check for duplications. 6554     When creating a new actual bonus the system would show double the amount of estimates, now fixed. 6538     The bonus accruals and provisions report was showing double the amount of estimates, now fixed. 6529     Adding more than one item with the exact same description to a sublet order would cause problems when adding it to a job, now fixed.
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