Evolution DMS Release 2 2016

Evolution DMS Release 2 2016
Case     Fix/Change
4868    Internal parts invoice credit notes are no longer hard-coded to tax code a zero vat rate of T9. 5305    Sending booking reminders form the diary did not always reach all customers, now fixed. 4881    Double clicking on a blank parts grid in jobsheets will no longer create a new record, instead the user must use the “add part” button. 4915    Invoice payments from parts invoices have had a performance increase and will now be much faster. 4354    Warranty jobsheet prints will now show the date the jobsheet was raised for warranty purposes. 4166    Customers labour rates were being overwritten by labour type labour rates in the job diary, now fixed. 4003    Non Ford eVHC printouts would sometimes show the date as 30/12/1899, now fixed. 3929    Under certain circumstance the outstanding amount for a car sales order would not update in the stock book, now fixed.
3900    The mileage on a diary booking and the mileage on an associated jobsheet are now in sync with each other and updating one will update the other. 5446    The “Parts Purchased Report” would show a “Floating point overflow” error if the user attempted to save it to Excel, now fixed. 5291    The speed of opening jobsheets and printing the eVHC form have been improved. 3956    Ford Ecat imports were picking up the wrong labour rate for warranty and internal jobs, it will now pick up the labour rate associated with the selected labour type. 5160    Transferring a deposit from the CCBANK to an active deal didn’t update the deposit description it now will. 5309    Receiving a part through awaiting delivery would occasionally cause access violations, now fixed. 5458    If custom job statuses are enabled, users can now choose a default status which is assigned to the jobsheet/booking at the point it is raised.
5026    Due to a bug with the licensing it was previously possible to perform eVHC upsells if the user did not have an eVHC product license, they can now only be performed if the user has an active eVHC product license.
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