Evolution DMS Release 1 2016

Evolution DMS Release 1 2016
Case     Fix/Change
840      Exclude from SMS has been added to the customer types configuration. 974      Custom job statuses have been implemented, when enabled it is possible to create bespoke job statuses and assign a colour to each.
1612    When updating a labour rate on a labour type the system now updates WIP jobs with the new labour rate. 1641    The claim number search in jobsheets is now available. 1758    A new field has been added to vehicle records to show the next diary booking date for that vehicle. 1902    The historic car stock report now takes car type changes into account. 2196    The mileage on car stock purchase details was being updated with old information if this was incorrectly updated in other sections, now resolved. 3362    Overall description of work done is now shows correctly across the various areas of Evolution. 3409    JD Power Survey for Fiat can now be used alongside Fiat PRIM II 3591    The Gemini App Service is now more robust, before it could disconnect network drives causing errors under certain circumstances. 3795    Renault.NET jobsheets were sometimes suffering an invalid expense code/aftersales type combination error, now fixed. 3836    The customer types, interest and contact type grids are now optimised in the system setup. 3839    Manual/full vehicle history printout can now be saved as a PDF and can also be emailed from the print preview. 3877    The option to prevent a user from invoicing a job with blank technician details was not always working correctly. Now fixed. 3930    Auto orders were not populating the alternative supply part number if this was filled in on a part record, it now will. 3932    When transferring a booking the required by date would change, it will now stay the same when a booking is transferred. 3936    If attempting to use the postcode lookup function and the user did not have an active license the customers address details would clear out, this is no longer the case. 3938    Using the parts search to add a part to a stock order would not always pull across the cost, now fixed. 4232    Non stock purchase transactions will no longer be created when adding a non stock part to a job, this stops multiple of the same part coming into stock when this isn’t required. 4409    If a customer did not have a forename filled in, the service follow up 1 letters would add a square bracket [ ] where the customers forename would be, now fixed. 4988    Non Ford VHC printouts were not showing the OSF, OSR Inner and Spare, also part of the grid would go missing, now fixed.
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