7280     eVHC upsells have been overhauled, eVHC WIP is now eVHC Hub, there’s new layouts, status symbols and the ability to quickly add work and parts to upsells
7283     Stability improvements added for Campaign 365
7305     It was possible under particular circumstances to get negative scheduled hours in the technicians diary in TechMate, now resolved
7319     Email campaigns in Campaign 365, where the subject contained a carriage return, would come through as raw HTML instead of the template you set up, now resolved
6961     Multiple lines of eVHC comments added in the eVHC app will now be comma separated
6964     Searching for a registration in the diary where the registration had a booking that had been invoiced caused a warning, now resolved
6973     Several changes have been made to the FIAT PRIM feed for stability purposes
7127     If “Print eVHC sheet with invoice” was turned on, and you invoiced a warranty or insurance job, an eVHC would be printed for the all invoices. Now only one copy will be produced
7134     When using the eVHC video it was possible for the video to fail uploading due to a restriction in older operating systems, resolved
7236     It was possible to receive an access violation error when loading the eVHC landing page config or attempting to send an eVHC to web to send to your customer, now resolved
6676     The service version of TechMate would sometimes receive an invalid file name error, now resolved
6731     If you selected “Yes” to print parts barcodes when receiving a parts stock order, the system could show a warning message, now resolved
6732     Manually entered tyre comments entered into the eVHC app would not appear on the eVHC printout for the Ford template, now resolved
6786     In isolated incidents the PRIM feed would stop running after its initial run, now resolved
6825     Customer discounts applied using the customer discount matrix now work in conjunction with eVHC upsells
6830     The eVHC upsell now only allows upper case part numbers to be entered
6922     If an eVHC checks name was too long it would be cut off on the printout, now resolved
4290     The font size on Ford eVHC comments has been reduced slightly to allow more information to be entered
4433     The eVHC Recalls report will now correctly pick up all relevant data. Anywhere that the term VSC was used has now been changed to Vehicle Health Check or eVHC
5339     An interface to FORD REACT! has been implemented
5982     Delete buttons for deleting eVHC photos and videos have been added to the report and followup tab in jobsheet
6487     Clocking activity in the TechMate static clock app now shows information per technician

Previous update release notes can be found HERE