Case    Fix/Change
5159    Some buttons in the system have been misaligned in the recent XE7 upgrade, now fixed.
3603    Errors reported from eVHC upsell when the user has not filled in all information have been made more user friendly.
5148    Fixed lock file grown too large errors occurring in Campaign 365.
3661    The engine size field in the vehicle stock book has had it’s size increased to 10 characters
3557    Fixed an issue where warranty jobs automatically recalculated prices based on units charged x labour rate.
5143    Ford Ecat interface wouldn’t always connect correctly in the latest version, now resolved.
1581    Mastercat buttons have now been removed from the product.
3559    Intermittent error occurring in sagepost “MdsExpNom cannot perform this operation on a closed dataset” now fixed.
3748    Cap valuation values are now hidden by default if the CAP adjustment percentage is populated in the system settings, pressing F5 will un-hide this.
4994    The exclude from SMS tick box has been added to Evosales customer records.
2571    Vehicle purchase invoices can now be saved as PDF.
3362    The work carried out box was mirroring the overall description of work done on printed estimates, it will no longer do this.
3998    Creating a part from price file didn’t assign the part a supplier, now fixed.
4152    Stack overflow and instant crash errors would occur when opening the same module on top of another, now fixed.
4387    The drop downs for transmission, doors and fuel in vehicle records would sometimes blank out, now fixed.
31         Cars could be invoiced twice if an error stopped the invoicing procedure half way through, it will no longer be possible to do this.
4905    Using the description search when adding parts to jobs caused the first part from your parts stock to be added to the job instead, now fixed.
3380    FIFO users will now be able to add non stock parts to an eVHC upsell.
3446    If a part had enough in WIP that it would make the available less than 0 when you fixed quantities for your stock take the fixed quantity would be negative, when you entered 0 as the counted quantity the system would show a variance when there shouldn’t be one, now fixed.
Previous update release notes can be found HERE