Gemini Systems: A Transparent and Flexible DMS Partner for Your Business Growth

Gemini Systems: A Transparent and Flexible DMS Partner for Your Business Growth

Here at Gemini Systems, we pride ourselves on providing an agile and flexible Dealer Management System (DMS) to meet the needs of our customers. Our UK-based support team is driven by customer satisfaction; we listen, we care, and we proactively work towards enhancing our solution to deliver the best possible results for our dealers.

Our flagship product, Evolution DMS, is a completely scalable and feature-rich solution designed to streamline business processes and increase efficiency across all departments. What sets Evolution DMS apart is our 2-way API called Open Systems Interface (OSI). OSI allows third-party partners to integrate their system with Evolution, granting access to customer account information, vehicle information, service booking availability, vehicle stock information, and much more.

This enables users to post data live into the DMS from our partner systems, meaning that our clients benefit from a flexible DMS that is tailored to their specific needs and requirements, allowing dealers to utilise the best systems out there for each department.

Transparency for our Integration Partners

We view our integration partners as true partners and work alongside them transparently to improve our offering for our customers. Our unique approach is based on a flexible and transparent relationship that benefits everyone involved. We don’t charge our partners to integrate, and we see them as a critical part of our success – although there may be some time required from our partners and their development teams to work on elements of the integration. Our ethos is about providing customers with the best possible solutions that suit their specific needs and we know our integration partners play a key role in this.

Significant time and cost savings for Dealers

Our flexible approach means that dealers can seamlessly continue using existing systems that are already embedded in their business, we do not dictate anything our customers have to have, apart from the core DMS, which includes; job sheets, parts stock, accounts package, and back-office functions. Of course, we offer a wider range of solutions, including showroom CRM, which our clients are free to choose if they are looking to move from their current provider, but more often than not, Dealers are keen to minimise disruption when changing their DMS provider.

To illustrate our unique approach to partnership, let’s consider a scenario. Imagine a dealer group that is currently using a DMS system that requires them to pay for 300 DMS user licenses, with 100 of those being sales staff double keying into a separate showroom system that they intend to continue using. The move to Gemini Systems would mean an immediate reduction in the required number of DMS users to 200, with the other 100 sales staff continuing to use the existing showroom system that is fully integrated and updates in real-time to the DMS. This reduces the need for staff to undergo training on a new system, allowing them to continue using a system they are already familiar and confident with. Our unique approach helps Dealers to grow their business without any unnecessary upheaval or extra charges. With us, Dealers can keep ingrained systems in place, changing only the back-end, core DMS, experiencing a far less stressful migration with minimal disruption to front-end staff – protecting your customer’s experience and ensuring you only pay for the DMS user licenses that you need.

In conclusion

At Gemini Systems, we are a unique company that provides the best solutions to our customers. We believe in collaborative partnerships and this is evident in our approach. Our ongoing support and unique features make us stand out in the market. By providing flexibility and functionality without the overhead of any double entry, we help our customers grow their business without the stress and unnecessary spending.

Are you looking to save significant costs? Why not get in touch today to discuss how you can benefit from a move to Gemini Systems.