Enhancing Aftersales Services with Gemini Systems’ Campaign 365

Enhancing Aftersales Services with Gemini Systems’ Campaign 365

Aftersales services are an essential part of the UK automotive industry, accounting for a significant portion of dealerships’ revenue. According to a survey by J.D. Power, aftersales revenue accounts for around 80% of dealership profit in the UK.

Within a dealership, aftersales plays a crucial role in maintaining customer relationships, driving business growth and securing customer retention. Providing excellent service and support after a vehicle purchase can encourage customers to return to the dealership for future purchases and services, creating a loyal customer base, which is essential for sustained business growth.

By offering ad hoc and seasonal campaigns, such as discounted services during the winter or free aircon checks in the summer, dealerships can encourage customers to return for regular maintenance and repairs. For this to work, effective communication is essential for aftersales success. Clear and timely communication with customers can help build trust and confidence in the dealership’s services. This can be achieved through a range of channels, including phone, email, text, and social media.

Turning leads into conversions for MOT and service/repairs is another essential aspect of aftersales. By tracking and following up on leads, dealerships can convert potential customers into paying customers for essential services that all add to the bottom line.

And of course, once the customer makes that all important booking, excellent customer service is crucial. Providing friendly and knowledgeable service staff can certainly help build a positive reputation and encourage customers to return whilst timely and accurate information about repair times and costs, including imagery to support any required repairs, can help to build customer trust and the loyalty that goes with this.

A loyal customer who returns for regular maintenance and repairs can provide significant long-term revenue for a dealership. Therefore, it’s essential to invest in aftersales services to create a positive customer experience that encourages repeat business.

Introducing Gemini Systems’ Campaign 365

In addition to the importance of aftersales in the UK automotive industry, there are also innovative technologies that dealerships can utilise to enhance their aftersales services. The UK automotive industry has seen a rise in the use of technology in aftersales services, with many dealerships using digital tools to enhance their offerings. For example, according to a report by Capgemini, 73% of UK car owners use digital channels to book their car service, while 56% use digital channels to track their vehicle’s service progress.

Another powerful piece of technology is the Gemini Systems’ Campaign 365 app, which can help dealerships automate their reminders and marketing campaigns, allowing dealerships to save time and focus on other important tasks.

The app offers a range of features, including ad-hoc targeted marketing campaigns and social media-linked campaigns, that can help dealerships create effective marketing campaigns that resonate with customers. Additionally, Campaign365 provides tracking and retention KPIs, allowing dealerships to assess the success of their marketing efforts.

The app’s intuitive branded email template builder and UKMail Direct Mail Printing Integration make it easy for dealerships to create professional-looking emails and direct mail campaigns. Scheduled future campaigns and booking reminders are other features that can help dealerships stay organised and on top of their aftersales services.

In conclusion

In the UK automotive industry, aftersales services are crucial for maintaining customer relationships and driving business growth. Customer retention, repeat business, ad hoc and seasonal campaigns, effective communication, customer service, and converting leads into conversions are all essential elements of a successful aftersales program. Dealerships that prioritise these factors can create a loyal customer base that drives long-term revenue.

Gemini Systems’ Campaign 365 app is a valuable tool for dealerships looking to optimise their aftersales services. By automating reminders and marketing campaigns, dealerships can improve their customer retention and increase their revenue. The app’s comprehensive features, including ad-hoc targeted marketing campaigns, social media-linked campaigns and campaign tracking, make it a powerful solution for any dealership looking to enhance its aftersales services.

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