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Gemini Systems is delighted to announce that it has received official approval from Skoda UK for its’ Digital Service Advisor (DSA) module.

Gemini Systems’ Digital Service Advisor has been available since 2016 and allows a dealer’s service customers to be checked into the dealership digitally using an Android tablet.  Missing customer data can be captured or amended, the jobsheet can be updated and the customer can sign the tablet digitally. All the data that is recorded or updated on the tablet feeds directly into Evolution ensuring customer information is up to date and any customer requirements are included on the digital jobsheet. The signature is printed on any physical jobsheets, for those who still print job sheets.










From January 2018 all Skoda UK retailers will be required to receive their aftersales customers into the service department using a Digital Service Advisor, a bold step for the retailer as they continue their work to push the boundaries of technology in both their vehicles and their dealerships.

Digital Service Advisor is available for a single user at zero cost for all TechMate clients and with Android tablets available for around £100, overall it is fantastic value.

This latest endorsement builds on an already strong relationship with the manufacturer. Gemini Systems already has multiple Skoda interfaces and eVHC with Video Reporting is used in many of its’ Skoda retailers.

For more information please view our TechMate product page, Contact us Here or Call us on 01522 698 911.

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Cost savings aren’t the only benefit to Gemini’s Integration with MotorCheck;

Tony Jackson, Dealer Principal, is already reaping the rewards. He says, “Our sales representatives can automatically conduct a history check every time they assess a vehicle we buy for resale. And they do! Whether they are making an outright purchase or taking in a part exchange, they are now always meeting best practice.  This not only benefits the business but also our prospective customers.”  

“What’s more, the provenance certificate is the perfect sales tool, supporting us in providing a transparent, professional service. By building trust with our customers, giving them confidence in the quality of our stock, we are securing more sales.”

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