Case     Fix/Change
5748     Campaign priorities were not always saving correctly when setting up a campaign in Campaign365, this has now been fixed.
5771     Using the VWG Interfaces button in jobsheets occasionally caused an error stating the vehicle wasn’t a VWG vehicle even if it was, now fixed.
3218     The layout of invoices has now been changed slightly to improve the use of the white space on the document.
4260     New parts ordered through the Fiat PRIM interface didn’t create a new parts record causing potential issues down the line, this has now been fixed.
5270     The price file search didn’t work fully in multi-site versions of Evolution if the price file didn’t reside in all the separate site folders, now fixed.
5735     The VWG NVS interface didn’t pick up on the correct license key for the interface, now fixed.
5741     The source of enquiry from Campaign365 was sometimes not automatically assigning itself to jobs/bookings/invoices/orders when it should, now fixed.
5466     Manually clocking a technician onto a line in Techmate didn’t assign the tech to the labour line on the jobsheet, it now will.
5836     Sporadic access violations would occur in the job diary under varying circumstances, now fixed.
5526     The reg search in Techmate didn’t work if the reg was not in a standard reg format e.g. Recorded on it’s order number). It will now find these regardless of format.
4872     You can now only enter either a send name or email into the SMS settings rather than both. There is also a new tool tip to advise of this in the SMS settings.  Additionally SMS can now also be sent without a send name.
Previous update release notes can be found HERE