Case     Fix/Change
5530    Video recording is now available in eVHC, videos are stored in the cloud & can be viewed from the app and Evolution. A video link can be sent to the customer via email or SMS.
5662    In the diary it was possible to change a part number after adding it, this is no longer possible at it could cause problems with parts transactions and stock levels.
5673    On the parts stock report parts that had a location with special characters in (/,#,~) etc the location would be cut off from the special character forwards on the report, now fixed.
5674    If your default currency was set to Euros the vehicle summary sheet wouldn’t load, now fixed.
5682    Printing speed of the eVHC form has been improved.
5694    eCheck has now been added to the list of words that constitute an “eVHC” labour line allowing, Techmate to launch an eVHC from the digital jobsheet.
5710    Adding an image to a parts stock record occasionally caused a “Cannot assign a TdxSmartImage to a TJPEGImage” error to appear, now fixed.
2255    The purchase invoice for car purchases was not always totaling correctly, now fixed.
5518    Access violations would sporadically occur when accessing vehicle and customer records, now fixed.
5561    As of later updates it was no longer possible to print only 1 page of a report, it is now possible to do this again.
5577    When saving user print settings they were not always stored correctly, causing documents to not print the correct number of copies or to the correct trays, now fixed.
5618    Access violations would occur sporadically when adding parts to diary bookings, now fixed.
5631    Block bookings were not compatible with Techmate, they now are.
963     The overall description of work done entered onto a jobsheet would not carry across to a new jobsheet when crediting the invoice, this will now happen.
1306    It’s no longer possible to receive parts from multiple orders when receiving via back order, this could previously result in only receiving one orders parts.
1487    The VAT breakdown box on reprinted credit notes would show nothing, now fixed.
1998    A parts stock order type can no longer be changed after receiving the order, it can still be changed after sending the order.
2215    Engine number and transmission now show on all jobsheet prints not just normal and pro forma prints.
796      When entering a vehicle onto stock if the vehicle was previously known the system would autofill the details, this could result in the user getting stuck in a loop, now fixed.
1683    If you use the operative schedule to control time in your diary the “change days hours” button has now been disabled, this is because using this button is not compatible with the operative schedule and hours should be adjusted per tech instead.
Previous update release notes can be found HERE