Latest Evolution DX Release Notes

Latest Evolution DX Release Notes

Evolution DX V1.17.2202.1219 (New Accounts Version Only) is now available


Please contact our support team on +44 (0)1522 698 911 or log into the Harmony Support Portal to schedule the update.

Please be aware the Raptor ticketing system has been discontinued. We are now using Harmony PSA. 

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  • Part Exchanges which have came into stock can no longer be cancelled manually, the original deal needs crediting back in full to cancel the vehicle. 
  • Part Exchange Contra Accounts will now be used in Supplier Records


  • Fixed an issue whereby the ‘Purchase from’ reverts back to ‘Supplier’ when a supplier exists with the same customer
  • Fixed an issue whereby Parts Invoice Deposits were able to be raised for non existent customer records 
  • Fixed the error message ‘The Supplier Code Cannot be Changed’ when invoicing vehicle sales invoices
  • Supplier payment method not filters through correctly to the record in the accounts DB (BACS, Cheque etc)
  • Fixed an issue whereby the customer list in the accounts would only show the site you physically logged into Evolution with, regardless of which site was selected in the accounts module
  • Fixed a bug preventing sublet orders from being emailed from the DMS
  • Fixed an issue with TechMate not automatically updating following an update

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