These are the previous releases (1 to 5) for Evolution DX in 2014


Evolution DX 2014 release 1

Case Fix/Change
2063  Added Exclusion for Location on stock take.
2140  Fixed issue with invocing when parts qty higher than qty1 but not total stock.
2509  Fixed Error when using Ford BCM labour importer.
2513  Fixed order of tyre tread depths on jobsheets.
2689  Fixed intermittant part number clearing in the job diary.
2702  Fixed issue which could stop invoicing of insurance jobs.
3221  Fixed 03/12/1899 date showing on Fitter Work Summary Sheet.
3286  Fixed access violation when adding non-stock item to job.
3467  Fixed issue with changing the franchise in the diary not affecting the VHC.
3476  Fixed issue where the labour rate selected for work on a diary booking could be incorrect.
3510  Fixed issue where customer report could show deleted customers.
3587  APAK feed now supported.
3779  Fixed error with parts stock nominal.
3780  Fixed issue with cross site recon.

Evolution DX 2014 release 2

Case Fix/Change
3573  There have been many important changes to the way prep and recon/late prep are handled, it is important you read the document that has been sent with your release notes relating to this. Failing to do so could cause reconditioning to function incorrectly.
3567  It was possible to sell a vehicle before the purchase hit the accounts, this will no longer be possible.
3537  Using a special key combination parts could be deleted from the returns module, now fixed.
3536  Issue resolved with the returns module site switching.
3531  If no tyre options are set up the VHC tablet application will no longer crash when leaving the tyres section.
3521  There was a refresh issue in credit notes regarding types which has now been fixed.
3490  Recon totals were not being calculated correctly for reporting, this has now been fixed.
3470  Cost of sale journals were posting with the system date, this meant that forward dating an invoice could have the invoice and cost of sale in different months, now fixed.
3450  Consignment stock report was showing cancelled vehicles, it will no longer do this.
3448  The sales day book report was accounting for bonuses twice in the final profit per deal, this has now been fixed.
3447  A section has been added to the “Technicians invoices report” for unallocated hours, as in hours that were not assigned to a technician.
3443  The returns module didn’t work correctly with part numbers that were too long, now fixed.
3441  Ford ESBOL/SARA interface is now fully available in Evolution SQL.
3434  Cost of sale journals were posting to the first open period rather than period based on date, this has now been corrected.
3418  Error “qryPreview field:Regno not found” fixed in mail merge exports, when running through dispatch.
3317  Ford FSA interface now fully available in Evolution SQL.
3197  Evolution’s version number is now shown in help -> about.
3170  Changes have been made to how bonuses post to the accounts, with actuals only hitting the P&L when the vehicle is sold.
3065  Fixed visual issues with the Non Franchise VHC print.
3030  Many changes have been made to the VHC upsell procedure, the upselling has completely changed please read the attached upsell changes document which describes the changes in detail.
2652  VHC config was not saving items correctly when creating new VHC lists, now resolved.
2488  Changes made to the VHC form to allow longer text to be entered without it being cut off, text will either shrink or drop onto the next line depending on whether it’s a Ford VHC or a Non Ford VHC.
2145  VHC app now allows input of mileage.
1171  Fixed a problem where the VHC couldn’t be carried out until the user entered report and follow up dates, only happened sporadically.
3237  It was not possible to stock take parts with WIP qty, this has now been fixed.
Evolution DX 2014 release 1

Case Change
2249  An option has been added to allow users to switch sites quickly without having to log out, the user can do this by clicking the site option in the top left and choosing the site they want to change to.
2484  The delete part option has now been changed so that parts with stock, wip or order quantitys cannot be deleted, if they are superceded, then when you delete them they are unsuperceded, if the part carries a surcharge the surcharge part is also deleted, parts deletions are logged in a new table with the username, date, time, part number and reason for deletion. All transactions for the part will also be deleted.
2596  RRP has now been added to the invoice listing in parts invoices so that the user can see the RRP of an invoice at a glance without having to drill into it.
3090  The cost of sale summary for parts has been changed to parts margin summary and has been fixed so it no longer only shows 0% or 100% profit.
3145  Estimates printouts now use the service invoice header correctly.
3299  The PSA daily extraction routine will now include MOT only jobs as per specification from PSA.
2548  Payment option has now been made mandatory in the diary whereas before it was possible to get around this.
2549  When in parts invoices and when adding a part there is now a grid that shows which parts are already on the invoice, much like in adding parts to jobsheets.
2550  The mandatory field switches for customers (telephone, email, mobile etc) did not work when you first added a new customer, now fixed.
2563  GRN printouts showed a VAT breakdown when no VAT was applied, this was a display issue only and did not effect VAT in the accounts package, this has now been fixed.
2570  The mechanics productivity report now allows multiple techs to be selected rather than just a single tech.
2628  Users with the delete records option unticked could still delete records from customers, now fixed.
2641  When sending a part to holding order from the parts stock record you didn’t get the option to enter a customer, this has now been added.
2664  When raising a job from a booking that has parts attached it was possible for some parts to show higlighted in red even though they had sufficient stock, now fixed.
2989  It was possible to receive an order before sending it by clicking no to send the order when receiving it. This will no longer be possible.
3023  There is now a popup in jobsheets and parts invoices that informs the user if the customer has notes against their record.
3091  There was a situation where a customers delivery address would not show on a reprinted parts invoice, now fixed.