Evolution DX Release 5, 2018 is now available


Please contact our support team on +44(0)1522 698 911 or log into the Raptor Support Portal to schedule the update.

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6513    Showroom System (EvolSales) user accounts are now merged with Evolution, **during this update a merge/delete/new procedure will be invoked which requires client intervention.**
5324    Email Read/Open/Bounce/Click rates will be available in Campaign365 for emails sent following the update (and after minor config)
6317    The system invoice header will now be included on sales ledger and purchase ledger statements generated from Evolution
6513    The Showroom System (EvolSales) login process has been updated to improve support for multi-site environments.
6614    Removed ability to select a vatable type on MOT labour lines, an additional line will be created.
6704    Resolved a sporadic issue where switching between tabs causes access violation error in VSB
6811    It is now possible to complete a single Video for the entire eVHC, it is still possible to complete a video per eVHC line
7190    Campaign365 no longer uses MS Word for letters, this removes the need for MS Office on the server & significantly improves stability as MS Word Automation is not robust
7190    Removal of MS Word from Campaign365 allows it to run completely as a service, ensuring significant increased up-time
7334    Converted Evolution DX update procedure to FireDac Components
7589    Previously, transactions allocated on the last day of the month were not cleared from aged debtors until the next month, resolved
7826    VSB Creditor Accruals have been enhanced to also deal with RFL
7852    Added a column to the workshop loading diary to display where a service has been booked, in the same way MOT Booked is displayed
7856    The ‘Reason for Credit’ has been made mandatory on Aftersales Credit Notes
7963    Performance enhancements made during the confirmation step in parts GRNI
7974    Process enhancements made to the confirmation step in parts GRNI
7976    Re-added the ability to add a space to vehicle Registrations
7978    Improved the posting procedure of Automatic Allocations to ensure accuracy
7981    Updated User Security Profiles to ensure Vehicle COS posting cannot be posted to incorrect periods
7983    The main Evolution menu bar now shows the user that is logged in, previously it only showed the site
7984    The ‘Day Notes’ tab in the workshop diary now sows in red to make it more obvious that there are notes for that day
7985    Updated Polk feed as it was sending telephone numbers in wrong field in certain configurations
7986    Added the ability to manually reverse an accrual in the VSB, this then allows for a vehicle to be marked as ‘Cancelled’
7987    A bug has been resolved which, under certain circumstances, made some users unable to create new user records
7996    Resolved a bug where the VSB Deal profit did not always display Margin VAT until the Summary Sheet has been opened
7999    Updated the VSB feature to ensure the ‘Print Filtered Stock’ always displays the filtered results
8019    Improvements made to Vehicle invoicing roll-back
8021    Fixed a bug where finance commission might be displayed twice against to vehicle sale
8026    Improved the VSB Vehicle type change process to ensure no write-down adjustments remain the previous vehicle type
7288    Campaign365 logic filters to include ‘is null’ and ‘is not null’
Previous update release notes can be found HERE