These are the previous releases (1 to 4) for Evolution DMS in 2014


Evolution Paradox 2014 release 3 and 4

Case Fix/Change
1109  Parts inventory management interface system (PRIM2/SPEEDER/SPRINT)
2084  Fixed issue where specialist jobs parts would overwrite the first line part rather than adding.
2126  Fixed issue where specialist jobs added to job diary would only add the first part.
2239  Fixed issue where specials jobs overall description of work didn’t transfer to diary bookings.
2301  Ford ESBOL/SARA interfaces have been added to database.
2434  Missing info on jobsheets has been added, engine number, MOT due date.
2443  Speeder pilot complete.
2635  Parts stock and aged stock reports now work correctly with FIFO.
3024  Changes to Polk and renault.Net interface config.
3102  Changed Visual Health Check to Vehicle Health Check.
3115  Fixed error in advanced specialist jobs when model had apostrophe.
3131  Ability to hide part numbers on Estimates only added.
3166  Can now add VHC upsell from Ecat.
3211  Fixed issue where parts kits added to estimates could overwrite parts already on the estimate.
3239  Fixed “Record locked by this session” error in parts stock.
3305  In missed up sell you can now press upsell if all checks are either upsold or have a declined reason.
3348  Fixed site name case login issue.
3376  Fixed PRIM2 connection issues.
3414  SARA/ESBOL – interface will no longer attempt to send an invalid email address. Expiry date fixed against vehicles for SARA.
3445  MMExports – fixed field RegNo not found error
3499  Stock orders adding part duplication issue fixed.
3503  Fixed issue where you couldn’t send a parts stock order from the received tab.
3508  Desired vehicles list error fixed. Type Mismatch for Field’CapLookup’, Expecting String actual Integer.
3514  Fixed the use of parts warranty cost on warranty jobs.
3524  Change to size of Speeder logs.
3534  Speed of VHC print outs has been improved.
3605  Fixed operation not applicable error in jobsheets.
3618  Fixed labour line spacing on service invoices.
3647  Email configuration now restricted to ‘system setup’ user accounts.
3652  Renault Catalogue codes now accept alphanumeric codes.
3655  System tray version of dispatch no longer maps a network drive.
3658  Fixed issue where franchised can reset to default when a vehicle is selected in the job diary.
3676  Fixed list index out of bounds in system settings (EEE)
3683  Fixed directory is lock error for Speeder.
3684  Fixed parts supersession error in stock orders.
3539  Improved speed when opening jobsheets
3540  Improved speed when opening the job diary
3547  Improved speed when creating and loading service invoices

Evolution Paradox 2014 releases 1 and 2

Case Fix/Change
968    An issue has been fixed where the on order qty would not increase for parts from Fiat PRIM.
2111  Using “apply filter” in parts stock could cause an inifinite supersession loop, now fixed.
2111  Pressing clear filter or apply on the parts stock filter would cause a supersession loop, now fixed.
2163  Vehicle type changes wouldn’t show until you left and re-entered the vehicle stock book, now fixed.
2163  Vehicle type changes performed wouldn’t show up in the type change log whilst you were still in the stock book, leaving and re entering caused them to show, this is now fixed.
2164  The incorrect site name was showing on parts barcodes, now fixed.
2164  Barcode prints from parts stock records showed the wrong site, now fixed.
2430  An error would occur when using the “order containing part” search on parts stock orders if you use a multi site system, now fixed.
2430  Using the “orders containing part” filter in parts stock orders caused an error, now fixed.
2440  On printed parts stock orders VAT would show even if there was none, this was a visual issue only and did not affect the accounts or total of the order.
2464  The excess nominal in jobsheets was editable even if you did not have the user right to do so, now fixed.
2464  Users with no permission to change nominals and tax codes will no longer be able to alter the insurance excess nominal in jobsheets.
2487  The re order at cost switch for parts stock orders did not work correctly, now fixed.
2672  The parts markup option in estimates did not work correctly, now fixed.
2694  The price file update routine would fail if a supersession loop caused a key violation, this will no lonfer be the case.
3013  A new switch has been added to allow multi line comments and headers on non Ford VHC printouts only.
3035  Warranty cost against parts was not being used on warranty jobs, instead the system was using last cost, now fixed.
3070  Running a price update changed the min and max levels on some parts, this happened when the part superceded to another part in the price file, it will no longer do this.
3096  When invoicing Renault.Net jobs the system would give a missing field error, now fixed.
3097  The program version number can now be seen from the “help and about” section.
3119  Renault.Net jobs would not produce a print preview when invoiced, they now will.
3193  Qty in stock and qty avail didn’t always show when adding parts to stock orders, now fixed.
3271  There is a new “Include in total” column on VHC upsells that allows the user tick which items they want to include in the total at the bottom for quick quoting.
3272  Qty available has been added to the parts section in the VHC upsell screen.
3298  PSA CSI feed now includes specific MOT data.
3298  PSA CSI now extracts MOT information seperately as part of it’s feed.
3306  Some work has been done to VHC comments to tidy them up.
3311  Access violations were occuring seemingly at random intervals, now fixed.
3311  Several access violations happening in Evolution when left idle, now fixed.
3314  The missed upsell button would appear when it shouldn’t, it will now only appear if it is useable.
3352  The reporting group on parts would not be carried over to the job on a VHC upsell, now fixed.
3353  It was possible to add lines of work and parts to checks that had already been upsold, this will no longer be possible.
3356  Discounts on parts from a VHC upsell were not working correclty, this is now fixed.
3365  Labour added to a VHC upsell from a comment on the VHC was impossible to be removed, now fixed.
3369  Access violations would occur when converting an estimate to a job, now fixed.
3369  An access violation would occur when converting an estimate to a jobsheet, now fixed.
3372  SIV has been added to the Deltapoint feed.
3378  Using CAP lookups would cause a key violation, now fixed.
3378  When performing a cap lookup a key violation would occur, now fixed.
3390  There was an issue with the seat count licensing in Evolution, now fixed.
3390  Issue where the system stated the maximum number of users was logged in when they weren’t, now fixed.
3410  Key violations were occuring in the job diary, now fixed.
3412  It was possible to invoice vehicles from a different site to the site you were logged into, now fixed.
3419  A grand total for checks now shows on the Non Ford VHC printout.
3421  A notes tab has been added to the VHC upsell form.
3435  An invalid date was showing on the VHC upsell form for last VHC, now fixed.
3461  There were certain conditions that caused the job diary option to be missing from the right click menu, now fixed.