Case     Fix/Change
2083    When adding specialist jobs onto estimates the part type would not always be assigned, now fixed.
412      The hours and money report took a long time to load and print, performance now greatly improved.
2079    Estimate printouts now show RRP when “disable RRP on service invoices and estimates” switch is un-ticked.
2086    Service invoice layout improved when using repairs / interventions configuration.
5321    Estimates were taking a long time to exit, performance now improved.
4232    It is now possible to return parts below 0 stock again, also several changes made to the way parts are handled when they are non-stock.
4354    Split / Warranty jobsheets now have a label on them showing when the job was raised from a diary booking.
4775    Renault.NET performance in the jobsheets section has been greatly improved.
5453    The Jaguar / Land Rover (JLR) Service Record Interface through Loyalty Logisitx is now available within Evolution DMS
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