UpdateDMSflatCase     Fix/Change
EVHC Phase 3     Added ability to attach Photos to an eVHC
EVHC Phase 3     Added detailed tyre tab to eVHC with automatic wear thresholds
EVHC Phase 3     Added ability to report eVHC check items as pre-identified to improve reporting statistics
EVHC Phase 3     Estimated tyre tread depth entered in the eVHC app and annual mileage, which is automatically generated, is now used to estimate the date tyres require replacement.
4234     Fixed problems with the registration change wizard where it wouldn’t let you change the registration in some cases.
4241     Non stock purchase transactions were not being created when a non stock part was added to a jobsheet, they now will.
4936     Peugeot CRMe wasn’t compatible with the newer version of Evosales, Feed updated to match requirements.
4933     Several prospecting statuses were trimmed from evosales but have now been reinstated.
3093     Fixed a sparodic issue with surcharge parts that occurred only when FIFO was enabled.
2507     In some circumstances the customers email address was not pulled through to the email function in print previews, now fixed.
4453     When a vehicle is now cancelled any corresponding Showroom order for the vehicle is also cancelled.
4772     Decomposing composition parts with FIFO enabled could cause audit problems, now fixed.
4762     Access violations occurred when running the Peugeot CRMe, since last Showroom update, now fixed.
4197     If adding a part that another user was locking to a job using the ‘complete’ or ‘add another’ buttons the wip would be increased when it shouldn’t, now fixed.
4695     Deposits in the CCBANK were being included in the order form, now fixed.
4521     Changing the payment type in deposits will now change the bank code if you have separate bank codes set up.
4693     There is now a “newsletter” tick box in customer records to identify whether a customer wants to subscribe to a newsletter or something similar such as a christmas card.
3791     The vehicle stock report would show every sites vehicles, report will now have a site selection. Salesmans stock, aged stock and the historic stock reports also updated.
4162     The parts stock screen would blank out after exiting the transaction tab when using Windows XP, now fixed.
4501     Fixed a stack overflow error that occurred under certain circumstances.
4767     Fixed a rounding issue that caused car invoice totals to show 1p different.
4342     With the introduction of the registration change wizard it became impossible to create vehicle records where the registration had a space, it is now possible again.
4233     With the introduction of the registration change wizard it became impossible to enter registrations with a space, it is now possible again.
842       eVHC service reminder report has now been removed due to redundancy.

Previous update release notes can be found HERE