An interview with Bob Ruprah, Operations Director at Big Motoring World.

An interview with Bob Ruprah, Operations Director at Big Motoring World.
As a loyal customer of Gemini Systems for over a decade, Big Motoring World has grown exponentially whilst using our Evolution DX Dealer Management System. Here we speak with Bob Ruprah, Big Motoring World’s Operations Director to discuss our working relationship in more detail and find out what ambitious plans lay ahead.
1. Please could you give me a quick overview of Big Motoring World, from where it began to where it is now?

In 1986 Peter Waddell started trading vehicles from his home before purchasing his first premises, with a forecourt for 20 cars and a flat located above in which Peter would move to with his young family.

Fast forward to today and the 20-car forecourt has grown into the multi award winning Big Motoring World, which stocks over 3500 cars over five impressive dealership sites and from a vast number of manufacturers. With an expanding team that’s currently made up by over 700 members of staff, it also boasts a National Preparation Centre and Aftersales Centre and has ambitious growth plans.

2. You’ve been a customer of ours for 12 years now. Thinking back, can you remember what (if any) major pain points/challenges you and your team were experiencing prior to moving to Evolution DMS?

As you can tell from my previous answer, we were starting on what we knew would be a journey of major expansion. As such, we had outgrown our current DMS and its functionality, and wanted something that was more flexible and could support our plans for growth.

Our previous DMS provider did not offer any sort of integration via an API, which with the plans we had, would have held us back. In addition, we were still growing so we needed a DMS that could meet our needs and fit our budget back then but had the flexibility to scale alongside us and support our expansion over the years.

3. You’ve just mentioned your impressive growth over the years and Evolution’s flexibility to scale. In what ways has this scalability benefitted you?

Gemini have always offered up to date functionality within the product, and as the industry evolves, so does the product. Your API has also allowed us to integrate some of the internal systems we’ve developed, as well as other third-party products. We’re not tied to using specific solutions or packaged integrations, which fits us perfectly.

4. You take advantage of many integrations with our DMS – why?

The integrations we have with Evolution saves us time and money when carrying out tasks that can be done via the DMS. There’s no double keying and duplication of work, which ensures more accuracy across the board in addition to increased efficiencies.

Integration is a key part of our strategy at Big Motoring World, it ensures our various workflows across multiple departments and sites remain efficient and up to date in real time.

5. By using Evolution DMS can you measure any reduced costs?

Some of the integrations with Evolution help to streamline the business – I appreciate this isn’t necessarily profitable for Gemini but as you know, some reduce the need for DMS users, which saves us money.

It’s not just user licences we save on, some of the integrations enable us to move workflow through the business at the click of a button. For example, integrating with Manheim enables us to input vehicles and their respective invoices into the DMS at the touch of a button. There’s also a substantial reduction of time spent moving vehicles manually on the DMS with the integration of our key cabinets, ensuring the site location of any of our vehicles are tracked in real time within the DMS, which in turn updates the stock location on our website too.

6. Do you think the investment in our product was worthwhile?

We took on Evolution in 2010 and our partnership with Gemini Systems has gone from strength to strength, we’ve grown the business from a single site with around 350 vehicles, to 7 sites with over 3500 vehicles, the DMS has grown with us, and has been an integral part of the Big Motoring World success so yes, it’s been worthwhile, and I believe will continue to be so too.

7. What will you need from us in the future?

Last year Big Motoring World kickstarted its growth plan with the purchase of two SW Car Supermarket premises in Peterborough. The deal saw it invest in a multi-million-pound rebuild of the Peterborough Fengate dealership, which officially opened earlier this year.

We are now looking at UK-wide expansion, we’ve recently launched a new brand identity and website, and are actively seeking-out premises across major metropolitan hubs including London, Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow, Derby and Leeds.

To answer your question, it’s really just much of the same. We will keep driving growth and we know you guys will ensure the DMS scales and evolves alongside us. You’ve always been at the end of a telephone when we need you, you’ve always been proactive with our requests, and we look forward to another decade of working together!

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