Welcome to our Brand New Website

We are proud to announce that our brand new website was launched at the beginning of November, featuring a re-designed look & style, information-rich content and providing a source of updated information about ourselves, our plans, our products and our services.

We will continue to develop and refine the site with new content and would welcome any feedback from you, to enable us to further improve the site and provide you with additional useful information.

OSI (Open System Interface)

Introducing 2-way integration with eDynamix and 3rd party Showroom Systems!


Historically, utilising 3rd party solutions alongside your DMS inevitably led to increased administration overhead as data is not synchronised between the two systems and manual intervention (duplication/double-keying) is required. There is also ever increasing pressure from manufacturers for dealers to utilise specific 3rd party software.

Gemini Systems has decided to change the game by developing an Open System Interface (OSI)

We’ve partnered with leading providers such as eDynamix and selected 3rd party Showroom Systems to deliver sophisticated 2-way data integration into their solutions, significantly reducing the amount of work, time and hassle of running their system alongside the DMS.

Find out more about OSI here



Campaign 365

Campaign 365 has been designed to simplify and automate all direct marketing reducing the administration overhead involved in carry out these campaigns.

Create new campaigns and modify existing ones through intuitive wizards that guide the user through the process.

Full HTML email editor allows colour-rich content to be used in emailed marketing, as well as use Campaign 365 to send out monthly newsletters and outputs to social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter as well as feedback regarding ‘Likes’ and ‘Re-tweets’

Duplicating campaigns is also possible for the quick creation of similar campaigns to perform the same marketing to a separate franchise/site, for example, Specify a date tolerance for campaigns, allowing them to be grouped by type, sending only 1 letter/email/SMS for multiple reminders. i.e. combined service & MOT reminders.

Set start and end dates for the campaign ‘Offer period’ as well as automated archiving of the campaign when it comes to an end, or run one-off campaigns rather than perpetual ones with date triggers.

Find out more about Campaign 365 here



New User Groups Suggested

We are always keen to engage with our customers directly, to understand their business requirements, as we continue development of our Evolution DMS.

Meeting the day-to-day needs of our customers, as business requirements change and technology advances, helps to keep our product at the forefront of our industry. We believe that User Groups can offer a good additional channel of communication, if supported by active dealer management, who are representative of their wider body of dealers.

We currently have one active user group – Ford franchise specific. However, if there is sufficient demand from our customers, we would consider formation of franchise-specific, non-franchised, or a national user group open to all of our customers. The aim is for us to drive continuous improvement in product, process and services, but also to inform dealers outside of the associated User Groups of progress.

Please follow the link here to complete the survey

We will summarise all responses received by November 30, 2014 and we will advise the results in a future Customer Newsletter.