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Case     Change
6556     The non-stock purchases module now includes invoice date and job date fields.
6913     New functionality has been introduced to monitor Campaign365 and report back to Gemini Systems when the application is not running so that Gemini can advise dealers of this.
6646     It is now possible to run the returns module in full screen.
6754     Non-Ford and blank eVHC form printouts now show the customers preferred contact details rather than just telephone 1 and work email.
6758     The fitted price on eVHC forms was hard-coded to use the £ currency symbol, it will now change based on your Windows regional and language settings.
6762     Under a specific set of circumstances it was possible for a vehicle’s details in the stock book to change incorrectly, now fixed.
6771     Product license checking has been altered to improve speed throughout the system, this mainly affected users with poor internet.
6779     Printing an eVHC form immediately after entering a labour price for a tyre on an up-sell would not take the labour price into account, now fixed.
6562     If an accessory type has no franchise it will now appear in the list of accessories regardless of which franchise is selected.
6566     The GRN number will now be shown on the orders tab in parts stock orders.
6577     When performing ad-hoc invoicing you can now select a payment type, this will also now get pushed to the cash book the same as any other payment in Evolution.
6586     Printing a deposit receipt in Evosales would not show a receipt number, now fixed.
6591     The financials view in customers would not account for credits or payments, these are now included.
6645     Filters have been added to the returns module for Job Number, Registration, Date Returned, Date Credited and Credit note reference.
6614     Parts salespersons can now be assigned to all sites rather than having to create a separate entry for each site.
6617     New functionality has been introduced to allow each site to have it’s own background and loading screens.
6520     In Sublet orders on both the order details and completed orders tabs the order items grid will now include registration and job type columns.
6521     When creating a new sublet order the employee name will not be mandatory, it will also default to what is assigned against the logged in user.
6521     Sublet invoice types will now be limited by site to stop a user choosing the wrong type from another site.
6532     Ad-hoc invoices and credits will now show in a customers history.
6534     Evosales customer records now shows the customer created date.
6555     Job number and reg number now show as columns in sublet orders awaiting confirmation.
5998     There were a few ways the user could type text into the overall description of work done then have it disappear in the jobsheets or diary modules, now fixed.
6098     It will no longer be possible to create more than one labour or part type with the same name.
6324     In Evosales order builder and vehicle stock it is now possible to see cars that have deposits placed against them.
6455     When posting non-stock parts purchases a progress bar will now show
6455     Non-stock part description length has been increased to match the rest of the system.
6455    Order types can now be marked as “Stock” and “Non Stock”. Only order types marked as “”Non Stock”” will appear in non stock orders.
6455     Non-stock parts purchases now have a wildcard search functionality
6509     You can now specify whether a vehicle is commercial from its vehicle type, the asking price VAT then calculates differently depending on if the vehicle is commercial or not.
4701     The eVHC reminder date in vehicle records is now able to be edited.
4788     The purchase details screen in the vehicle stock book will now default to Manufacturer Costs, unless the user has left a different tab selected.
6759     Non-labour charges added to an eVHC upsell will now be show on the printed eVHC form.
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