Evolution DX Release 1, 2020 is now available (v1.17.2001.767)


Please contact our support team on +44(0)1522 698 911 or log into the Raptor Support Portal to schedule the update.

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New Features
DX-1601 Added a notification area to Parts orders to display to users that parts are in the holding order
DX-1188 Added an onscreen warning to parts where the cost price is lower that the retail price in Jobsheets & Parts Invoices
DX-595 (6095) Added the ability to search for customers using their email address
DX-1740 Added the ability to select a 3rd party that is paying for a supplementary invoice

DX-919 Labour/Parts Discount on Invoices will now only show if each is applied, previously if one was applied both would display, with a £0 for the one which was not in use
DX-1992 We have now Centralised the Ford FSA & SARA Interface by implementation of a Web Service, this means that Ford certificates are no longer needing to be installed on each client PC

DX-2123 Resolved an issue where the Ford Parts Plus report would potential show duplicate entries for multi-site dealers
DX-2035 Changed the Parts searching & filtering so the filtering is permanently visible
DX-1981 Updated the Ford eVHC Consolidation Videos so that Samples are always reported
DX-1953 In the Showroom System (EvoSales) the Previous Contacts Information Character Limit was too short, increased
DX-1883 Resolved an issue where the wording ‘Pro Forma Invoice’ is missing when printing a pro forma invoice
DX-1870 Updated the reporting suit so every report is now able to be exported to excel
DX-1860 Resolved an issue where a Vehicle Sale would incorrectly try to reference a Standard Analysis Code
DX-1767 Resolved an issue which might case a spurious error: Unable to invoice vehicle: Account “X” does not exist
DX-1754 Increased the speed of running the Car Sales Report which was slow when more than 2,000 vehicles per month were being sold
DX-1730 Resolved an issue where the Retail Price list Report threw an error when ‘Only Qty Above 0’ was ticked
DX-1690 Supplier Selection on Parts Stock Record includes Deleted Suppliers, now resolved
DX-1686 When adding the same specialist Job to 2 vehicles the parts ‘Send to stock order’ doesn’t work after the first instance, resolved
DX-1684 Resolved a spurious error when Adding Specialist jobs: Error – qryJobparts: Cannot perform this operation on a closed data set
DX-1667 Unable to view PDF docs in Evosales – Unknown Picture Extension (.PDF) , now resolved
DX-1648 Removed deprecated utilities at end of Evo update to increase speed of software updates
DX-1616 Resolved an issue where the MOT Lookup would error: Value ‘engineSize’ not found. On Hybrid or Electric vehicles
DX-1458 Resolved an issue where processing a Vehicle Credit the ‘posting to close period’ pop up appears numerous amount of times before completion, no only appears once
DX-235 (8005) Salespeople added to EvoSales didn’t update Evolution, now resolved
DX-221 (8034) Journal Templates could error when trying to create a new one for the first time, resolved
DX-2374 eVHC Video Consolidation – Improved reporting for videos samples
DX-2366 Searching Parts Stock, Parts filter was being automatically applied, now resolved
DX-2364 Registration wasn;t appearing on VHC upsell window, now does
DX-2355 Spureous error: Cannot insert the value NULL into column ‘SubletOrderID’, now resolved
DX-2298 eVHC Comments were not showing in eVHC upsell screen, resolved

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