Evolution DX Release 1, 2018 is now available


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PLEASE NOTE: This update includes major enhancements to Evolution’s eVHC module to streamline the up-sell process. For more info please Download the Document or Watch the Video 

New enhancements and features

Case     Change
6364    A new option has been implemented for the inclusion of “internal” campaigns via Campaign365 to prompt your own dealership of any internal vehicles with work due.
6525    MOT and Service dates can now be made mandatory when invoicing a jobsheet.
6563    Non-labour charges can now be included on Specialist Jobs / Menu Pricing.
6765    When carrying out an internal jobsheet for a loan car, only expense labour and part types will now be available.
6846    The Honda Insight feed is now available in Evolution DX.
6915    Headers on invoices are now stored on a per site basis and will not revert to the site which you are logged into.
6999    When converting an estimated bonus or finance accrual to an actual the system will now auto-complete all of the estimates details to the new actual.
7002    The loan car list in a diary booking screen will now only show loan cars that are not already booked out, model and transmission is now also visible.
7011    A new user right has been added to allow or restrict a users’ ability to change the labour rate on a labour line in all areas of the system.
7036    A new user right has been added to allow or a users’ ability to edit and create specialist jobs, with it enabled the user can create and edit specialist jobs.
7046    More detail is now logged when a labour line is deleted, this is so when the mechanics productivity report is run, deleted labour lines can still be referenced.
7050    eVHC‘s that have been marked as “Pre-Identified” will no longer appear in the eVHC popup.
7106    VAT amounts can now be adjusted in the returns module before processing the credit.
7107    It’s now possible to enter costs up to 4 decimal places in parts stock orders.
7108    The “Booked in for” data on a diary booking is now available for use in a Campaign365.
7187    It is now possible to edit clocked hours on invoiced jobs.
7156    When running the “Mechanics Productivity” report for “Use Both” the system would use hours charged on WIP jobs, it will now use hours charged if hours estimated is not filled in. WIP jobs can now be identified by an asterisk.

Minor enhancements and Bug Fixes

Case     Change
7014    Reprints of car sales credits showed slightly different information in the invoice to and deliver to, this has now been resolved.
7306    When using block booking it was possible for an intervention to be sporadically added to the diary booking, now resolved.
7155    Campaign365 has been change to use the “Send reminders to who?” options for campaigns.
7299    It was possible to get an access violation error when opening the eVHC landing page configuration, now resolved.
7183    When running the Stock Costs Summary report it would open then immediately close if you used “Select All” on locations and vehicle types, now resolved.
7021    In the Campaign365 followups module, when a vehicle had been deleted the screen will now clearly show “Vehicle has been deleted/Had Reg change”
7150    Using the “manage online templates” button in Campaign365 then attempting to get a preview of a template would crash the browser due to no available data, now resolve.
7017    The commercial vehicle tick box will now carry over from a part exchange when a part exchange comes into stock.
5022    Workshop diary block bookings would, under certain circumstances, add an additional day, now resolved.
6108    The unregistered stock report would show an error when loading, now resolved.
6717    The SIV of a car would not show on the historic stock report under very specific curcumstances, now resolved.
6988    When the system automatically checks all data is entered for posting a car purchase it will now also check that the purchase invoice reference is not blank.
6843    An S character was being added to invoice numbers on service invoice printouts but only if the vehicle on the jobsheet had a driver attached to it, now resolved.
6923    Crediting insurance invoices with excess could make the insurance control account be out of balance in rare circumstances, now resolved.
6976    When license checks were performed for TechMate and eVHC, the system would perform a check to the online licence database, it will now only check to the local database, which is refreshed on launching Evolution.

Further enhancements and fixes since the original release

Case     Change
7279    Provenance check integration is now complete with MotorCheck - Get a Free Trial now
7423    The historic stock report now has a ‘Detailed’ option which includes a Creditor Breakdown
7415    Stock Orders emailed to parts supplier will now include the company header
7411    It’s now possible on Parts Stock Orders to amend Type Override at GRNI Stage
7407    MOT profit is now included on the Sales day report
7338    The tab order in Pending Vehicles (Used to store vehicles pushed into the VSB by 3rd parties) has been changed so Buyer and Transmission are in the correct order

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