Evolution DX Release 5, 2019 is now available (v1.17.1905.722)


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New Feature
DX-1525 Added the ability to Delete/Remove a Customer from a vehicle order Via OSI
DX-1491 Created Stock Movements Initial setup utility to allow for better parts stock accountability
DX-804 (7120) Job totals to appear on the signature screen in TechMate DSA
DX-215 (7861) Added the ability to transfer parts between sites
DX-89 (8182) Improvements to debtor and creditor statements including ignoring zero/negative balances, ability to send via email or letter & ability preview/exclude specific accounts’ statements
DX-1384 The DMS14 Feed is now available in DX

DX-1496 Parts stock report now uses a stored procedure
DX-1470 Update to eVHC Reports to bring in line with most recent changes
DX-1426 Added ability to delete eVHC photos/videos within jobsheets
DX-1278 Returns Reports now prints in the order that the returns are ordered on screen using the grid ordering/filtering
DX-266 (2185) Returned vehicles now show as grey in the VSB. the same as cancelled vehicles
DX-1216 Updated the VAT Breakdown box on invoices
DX-1257 Finance Settlement updated to post for transaction date rather than due date
DX-920 (7629) Recon credits are now available via the VSB Nominal reconciliation tool
DX-974 (7823) Standard Accessories are now also applied to Part exchanges
DX-1104 Manufacturer costs are now included within the Cost Breakdown Tab

Bug Fixes
DX-1716 OSI Reconditioning figures required manual intervention to populate in the DB, now resolved.
DX-1691 Part Returns for Parts Surcharges changed to ensure reducing of the correct Stock Nominal
DX-1644 Historic Vehicle Stock Report doesn’t show Credits when they are raised on the ‘run as’ date, these are now included
DX-1531 Resolved an issue where sometimes the emailing function could send an incorrect PDF
DX-1513 Updated the rounding procedure in VSB > Financials > Creditors
DX-1380 Updated the Technician Invoices Report to ensure correct Recovery Rate calculation is displayed
DX-1367 The Email on eVHC landing page doesn’t always filter correctly, now resolved
DX-1302 Evolution DX Statements now pull across an email address
DX-1300 Resolved minor discrepancies between Transaction Report in Evo and Accounts view (NFP)
DX-1291 Editing Parent part lines for surcharges could cause quantity issues, now resolved
DX-1219 Resolved a spurious issue relating to returning a surcharge for a stock part in jobsheets
DX-956 (7779) Resolved an issue where the Stock cost summary report opens then immediately closes
DX-863 (7386) Resolved an issue where record locking could mean a Reg plate change in VSB could revert to its previous plate
DX-196 (8082) Journal Corrections could sometime fail to pick up all transactions in nominal tab of the VSB
DX-148 (7395) Made changes to ensure record locking can not fail if a single user logs in twice
DX-130 (8158) Resolved an issue where eCAT doesn’t display VAT on parts if the part exists in stock


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