The Evolution DX Update 12, 2015 is now available

Please contact our support team via the Raptor Support Portal or on +44(0)1522 698 911 to carry out the update.


Case    Fix/Change
3808    It was possible to place and finalist a sublet order without a date, this is now not possible.
5213    Ford BCM importers were getting a “widestring” error message since the last update, now fixed.
4340    Intermittent problems with the registration change wizard stating vehicle is “already in stock” have been fixed.
5168    When clocking onto a jobsheet the program was sometimes giving widestring errors, now fixed.
4408    Parts overview in advanced specialist jobs was duplicating records in some circumstances, now fixed.
4520    If you transferred a diary booking the date required would also change, this will no longer happen.
5218    When creating a new parts stock record a widestring error would occur, now fixed.
4037    Showroom request acceptance can now be controlled on a per user basis.
4146    The “booked in for” field has been removed from the collection diary print out, the print out has also been tidied up.
4717    The system was crashing when opening the same form more than once (e.g. customer records) now fixed.
4549    Estimates when printed from vehicle records showed nothing, now fixed.
4649    The sublet order ID box was not read only in sublet orders, it now is.
4739    Returned vehicles were showing as stocked vehicles in Evosales, now resolved.
4893    An access violation error would sometimes occur when adding an over allowance to a part exchange, now fixed.
4891    Creditors terms were being blanked out when a creditors invoice was raised from Evo, now fixed.
4186    Manually entered parts will now ask the user to select a stock nominal upon creation to avoid potential posting discrepancies.
4911    The “sublet amount available to credit” was doubling up when certain actions were carried out, now fixed.
4529    The car sales report (real values) report was misleading with bonuses, now fixed.
4578    The jobsheet number wasn’t showing on jobsheet prints unless “Deliver To” was filled in, now fixed.
4474    Non Ford parts can now be used with Ford Ecat, the system will identity the parts with a # before them and will correctly obtain pricing.
4873    Attempting to change tabs after adding finance commission to a deal in the order builder would throw the error, now fixed.
3855    The formatting of the jobsheet print has been tidied up.
4781    The counter invoiced parts report and sales by person report were using different criteria and thus did not match, now fixed.
5055    Several issues fixed with deposits and transaction posting descriptions, now changed slightly to better fit the character limit.

Previous update release notes can be found HERE