With over 70 Ford Retail Dealers and Authorised Repairs, Gemini Systems provide DMS solutions for more retail dealers than any other DSP. 

Gemini Systems’  Ford-centric DMS means our dealers have confidence and the assurance that Gemini Systems will continue its’ long and stable relationship with Ford of Britain. In fact, some dealers even say that Evolution is “THE Ford Dealer Management System”.

The committed to our Ford Dealers also means we have created our own Ford Dealer Working Group where Gemini Systems senior staff attend a meeting with multiple Ford dealers twice a year, plus we host regular WebEx remote meetings in-between. We welcome new, existing and prospective dealers along to these meetings, so if you are interested in attending please speak to the Chairman of the User Group, Tony Jackson of Winslow Ford (Previously of Hodson Ford)

Our strong Ford representation has been built on a solid platform of constantly improving and evolving software solutions coupled with a long-term commitment to Ford of Britain to fulfil the needs and requirements of the UK Ford dealer network. Gemini Systems were the first UK DSP to be certified for OWS (One Warranty System) and are REACT! certified.

We offer a wide range of interfaces and modules specifically designed for Ford franchised dealers to maximise profitability opportunities and reduce administration overhead. Some of these are explained in the video below.

The interfaces currently available are: –

  • Ford e-Check with Video Capture (Our fully Integrated eVHC)
  • BCM
  • Labour Item File
  • Parts Master File
  • Parts Amendments File
  • Ecat (DVD & Online)
  • Fixed Content Jobs
  • FSA (Field Service Action)
  • Parts Stock Orders
  • Parts Shipping and Billing
  • OWS Claims Submission and Reconciliation
  • VISTA Status
  • Vehicle Firm Invoice/Credit
  • REACT!

Our continued investment and commitment to Ford of Britain ensures that the following interfaces are in our development cycle and will be available soon: –

  • XFI – Cross Functional Interface
  • MPS2 (Marketing Programme System)

If you have any questions or would like to speak to one of our Business Development team please call us on 01522 698911 or Complete the Contact Us Form