Latest Evolution DX Release Notes

Latest Evolution DX Release Notes

Evolution DX V1.17.2201.1199 (New Accounts Module Only) is now available


Please contact our support team on +44 (0)1522 698 911 or log into the Harmony Support Portal to schedule the update.

Please be aware the Raptor ticketing system has been discontinued. We are now using Harmony PSA. 

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  • Fixed the ‘Field created date cannot be modified’ error message when raising Jobsheets
  • Fixed the Supplier Accounts Linking issue for new Supplier Records
  • Fixed an issue whereby some customer names wouldn’t appear on the Debtors Summary Report
  • Fixed an issue whereby the Customers Default Sales Nominal was not being used when raising batch invoice/credits
  • Fixed an issue whereby Vehicle Purchases could be posted twice (rare occurrence)

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