Gemini’s integration with AutoSLM: Making the sales process seamless.

Gemini’s integration with AutoSLM: Making the sales process seamless.

In 2019, Gemini Systems and AutoSLM formed a unique integration partnership that offers Dealers a significant reduction in administration overheads by avoiding double-keying. This is not only saving dealerships time but is significantly reducing costs too. 

About AutoSLM

AutoSLM or Automotive Sales Lead Management is the next generation in sales tools, taking the strain of the increasing volume of Web Leads and efficiently managing them through to completed sale. Made up of a team of automotive specialists, AutoSLM deliver custom built Sales CRM software that understands the sales process for start to finish, and everything in between.

Working closely with Manufacturers, Dealer Groups and Individual Dealerships, AutoSLM continually improve their solutions to increase vehicle sales and ensure their system remains intuitive and easy to use. Because the only work in the Automotive Sector, you can be assured the very best in expertise and experience.

AutoSLM’s Sales CRM includes a Lead Tracker, which ties into sites such as Autotrader, GForces and a Dealers own website to capture and manage all internet leads before sending them to your Sales Team. Their ProAct Sales management Module supports Dealership’s Sales Teams to get more proactive and achieve those ambitious sales targets with consultancy training and development, delivered by AutoSLM. Their systems also feature a Dealer Hub, that allows sales leads, vehicle information and customer details to be passed to third party applications – and that is where we come in.

What Benefits does our partnership bring to our Dealers?

Since the roll out of the integration, our clients have benefitted from an easier, seamless process, which enables them to manage leads and sales orders, sending them to the DMS at the push of a button. Put simply, Gemini and AutoSLM synchronise their databases in real time, which means that a customer added to either system will appear in the other – and duplicates will also be found within either, improving accuracies throughout. In addition to the database, both systems also share the stock feed, standing values, deposits paid, sales details, recon values and more. The latter enabling decision makers to offer profitable discounts in real time.

In addition, the integration brings considerable cost efficiencies; If your Sales staff are using AutoSLM, they won’t actually require a user licence for our DMS, they can certainly have one but because AutoSLM posts from and to the DMS, it is not a requirement. This saves time and money with both licence fees and staff training.

Says Craig Hyndman, Director of Innovations at Gemini Systems, “Our partnership with AutoSLM provides a fully integrated, end-to-end solution between two well respected products. Our clients have benefitted tenfold both in terms of time and money from the efficient and effective system that this distinctive partnership offers” 

Phil Whelan, Sales Director at AutoSLM adds, “Since AutoSLM integrated with Gemini Systems we have delighted our customers with reduction in double keying and improved efficiency and reporting. Gemini are great to work with, extremely resourceful and responsive. It is the best business decision we ever made.”

Get in Touch

No matter the size of your Dealership or whether you are an Independent or Franchised Dealer, this partnership can benefit you. If you are interested, why not visit AutoSLM’s website to find out more or call us on 01522 698911 or contact us via our website.

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