Gemini Systems is awarded Ford Certification.

Gemini Systems is awarded Ford Certification.

Gemini Systems is excited to announce that we have been awarded Ford Certification, joining a small group of certified Dealer Systems Providers (DSPs) in the UK.

Our Ford certification is the result of many years of growing our Ford network and customer base and undertaking Ford development, dating back to 1996….. 

Early Beginnings and Customer Feedback

In 1996, we welcomed our first Ford dealership, Quay Garage in Kingsbridge, led by Roger Trembath. They were using the Darts system and sought a better solution for their business. Our DMS impressed Roger, who was also the chairman of Ford’s retail dealer council, and his praise amongst fellow Ford Dealers slowly paved the way for our success in the network.

Initially, Gemini Systems did not have a specific focus on servicing Ford dealerships. However, due to the positive feedback received from our service to the first group of dealers, we naturally began serving a growing number of them. Our involvement in Ford interface development began in response to a demand from former KDMS dealers who were searching for a Windows-based system that would automatically provide updates for prices and labour times, similar to the previous system.

Once we started interface development, we never looked back and instead, we established our Ford User Group. This group continues to be active and holds bi-annual meetings where Ford dealers can offer suggestions and provide feedback on both processes and product functionality.

We have dedicated ourselves to fostering a highly proactive relationship with Ford’s dealer systems team too and would like to give special recognition to Martin MacIver. Martin served as Ford’s UK Dealer Systems Manager for several years and upon his departure from Ford, we hired him as the head of Manufacturer Liaison, a position that played a key role in our journey toward Ford certification.

Expansion and Certification

After gradually expanding our customer base of Ford dealerships, we welcomed our first Ford Main Dealer in September 2010. This marked a turning point for our company and prompted us to enhance our Ford interface offering. The Main Dealer was transitioning from a dated system that had several interfaces, and as a Main Dealer, it was necessary for them to switch to a system with similar interfaces.

In this time period, Ford was launching their new warranty system, OWS, to replace the existing GWE. Our company made a commitment to immediately complete the necessary work for our Main Dealer. As a result, we became the first DMS provider to finish the work and enter into pilot testing. However, this early completion did not benefit us as Ford temporarily suspended the use of OWS to address technical issues with running both OWS and GWE simultaneously.

We continued to acquire Ford retail dealers and established ourselves as the preferred choice for many, due to our presence within the network, our cost-effective solution, and our highly-rated customer service. In October 2018, we had our first meeting with Hartwell’s board, but it took approximately two years before the first installation in April 2021, during the COVID-19 pandemic. The meetings two years prior provided us with the opportunity to demonstrate our credibility and commitment to the project, convincing Hartwell of our capabilities as a serious player. Hartwell is now successfully using our DMS across all sites and is taking advantage of our open-door API to streamline their business practices with key integration partners too.

Service Offerings and Integration Partners

As a Ford dealership, Gemini Systems’ DMS offers access to all mandatory interfaces, including the likes of BCM, REACT, XFI, OWS, MPS, Microcat, Super Service, Parts Stock Ordering, VISTA (OTD & WERS), SPRINT, Vehicle Billing, and more. Each of these interfaces have been designed to save dealers time and money.

Now we are certified as a Ford DMS Provider, we will continue to work alongside Ford, as well as the Dealer Systems Working Group, and will regularly review our solution and user experience to further improve and develop our DMS system to meet the changing needs of Ford dealerships.

New Ford requirements frequently present an opportunity to review the entire solution and user experience, adjust and improve, and further the development of our DMS system.

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