Evolution DX Release 3a, 2018 is now available


Please contact our support team on +44(0)1522 698 911 or log into the Raptor Support Portal to schedule the update.

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7696    Significant new feature: A new Batch Invoice Entry system is now available – Contact support for assistance/documentation 
7645    Significant new feature: A new Bank Reconciliation module is now available – Contact support for assistance/documentation 
7550    Significant new feature: Accessories can now have automatic creditor accrual entries posted to accounts – Config required, contact support to activate.
7571    Significant new report : A single report has been created to produce the Ford FCSD Reporting requirements
7586    Creditor Statements are now available from the Accounts menu in Evolution, they are also still available in the main Accounts Module
7821    The price of Road Fund Licence can now be updated in Evolution Showroom (EvoSales)
7749    Made changes to Non Stock Purchases to stop users posting VAT only transactions
7717    Made enhancements to the Vehicle Sales Day Report which was slow for clients selling 1000+ cars per month
7692    Updates to Summary Sheet to ensure the profit figure matches the sales report
7676    Removed the ability to delete a non-stocked (SOR/Consignment) vehicle if there are outstanding costs against the vehicle
7598    Fixed an issue where Evolution could hang when raising an Insurance Credit if the customer and insurance company are the same account
7590    The Diary layout can be adjusted and is saved on a per user basis
7490    The grids in financials are no longer disabled for cancelled cars, this allows for better viewing of historical data
7450    Added the ability to filter the ‘Supplementary Invoices’ report by site
7413    Add the ability to add alternative/additional contact details in Supplier Records
7365    Updated the Vehicle Stock Report and Aged Stock Report to ensure the SIV values match
7292    Additional search functionality has been added to the Stock List screen in Evolution Showroom (EvoSales)
7019    Changed the order of transactions in the VSB to make for easier reading
7018    Adjusted the layout of estimate printouts as international clients with longer currency symbols had some figures obscured
4107    Grid Filtering has been enabled in Job Sheets (WIP Screen) so that users can find jobs using the job number much quicker
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