In June 2015 Gemini Systems will be holding a series of free Regional Customer Events at seven stunning venues across the UK.

The Directors and Management at Gemini Systems are keen to personally meet as many customers as possible at these venues, to discuss at first hand new opportunities, listen to customer ideas & feedback, review new products, and hold an informal workshop session.

Simon Harrod (Managing Director, Gemini Systems) says, ‘It is a great opportunity for our customers to network with other industry professionals and to gain fresh insights in a relaxed and informal setting. We will be showcasing our latest products – Campaign 365, TechMate & eVHC enhancements, developed specifically following in-depth discussion with our customers. They are designed to fully integrate with our Evolution DMS, allowing dealers the opportunity to generate even more revenue, while reducing overall operating costs’.

There will also be an informal Workshop session in the afternoon for those who wish to learn some practical tips, plus further explanation of RAPTOR and how this will evolve, giving a powerful on-line access to the Gemini Systems Support and Development teams.

Harrod says, ‘Our aim is to continually improve our products and services, in partnership with our customers. We aim to do this by delivering more of what is valued and desired by them, to run a successful automotive business. ‘Beyond the DMS’ is more than our vision statement. It reflects how we are committed to growing our business, by working closely with our customers and delivering many value-add features’.

More information for customers is available from