The Evolution DX Update 5, 2015 is now available – Please contact our support team on +44(0)844 335 3914 to carry out the update.


Case   Fix/Change
1988  The system will no longer allow you to transfer a deposit to a vehicle with no customer attached.
2693  Qty available and qty in stock now dynamically updated on the work and parts -> parts grid in jobsheets. Previously the values would remain the same as when you added the part to the jobsheet.
3833  Crediting internal invoices now reverses COS journals.
3004  The profit summary report now loads much quicker than before.
3008  Peugeot CRM extract no longer intermittently hangs at 86% and has also been moved into Dispatch.
3068  Surcharge field was editable in stock orders, the field should read the data from the parts stock table instead, it now does this.
3082  It is now possible to save credit notes as PDF.
3155  Cost of sales journals form creditors invoices attached to vehicle sales were performing journals at the invoice date for the creditors invoice instead of the vehicle sale date, now changed so that the cost of sale journal is dated the vehicle sale date.
3190  It is now possible to email vehicle purchase invoices form the print preview.
3196  There is now a button to “link estimates to actual” in the bonus and finance commission tabs in vehicle sales, if the user wants to add an actual bonus or finance commission they should use the usual method for adding actuals, if however they want to link estimates to the actual they should use the “link estimates to actual” button.
3216  The send letter button in evosales customer records now works correctly.
3230  Invoice totals were not adding up on parts invoices until they were signed off, they are now live.
4126  Salesman’s stock list now shows transmission and fuel type.
4247  Fixed an issue where a “violation of primary key constraint” error would appear when crediting vehicle sales under certain circumstances.
4350  Fixed an issue with auto recalculation when changing job types on sublet.
4352  Invoice payments and vehicle deposits were not working as expected when the account reference in Accounts differed from the account reference in Evo, now resolved.
4362  Accrued bonuses report now has totals at the bottom of the report.
4440  Parts aged stock report wasn’t always matching to other stock reports, now fixed.
4450  Manual credits did not appear on the sales day report, they now will.
4454  The time field in Evosales order builder is now displayed correctly.
4459  Fixed an issue where discounts on parts were rounding down or up by .02% in certain occasions, now fixed.
4460  When attempting to print an appraisal form the user would sometimes receive a type mismatch error, now fixed.
4478  Service plan expiry drop down box has been reinstated on the vehicle records form.
4485  Using the SARA interface now updates the SARA expiry date.

Previous update release notes can be found HERE