Evolution DX Release 5, 2019 is now available (v1.17.1905.744)


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New Features
DX-994 (7894) Evolution DX now has the ability to automatically update overnight, allowing Gemini to push updates, rather than clients request them
DX-1962 Updates to the way Record Locks work to identify PC, Session / TS users.
DX-1528 Ford Parts Plus Transitional Rewards Programme Reporting is now available
DX-1525 Ability to Delete/Remove a Customer from a vehicle Via OSI and Change VSB Vehicle Status back to “In Stock”
DX-1491 Stock Movements have been improved for WIP parts and credits awaiting return, this needs to be configure before use
DX-804 (7120) In TechMate, Job totals now appear on the signature screen for Digital Service Advisor
DX-215 (7861) Parts stock can now be transferred between sites using a requisition process
DX-89 (8182) Improvements made to debtor and creditor statements

DX-892 (7512) Images added in the Showroom System (EvoSales) now maintain image aspect ratio
DX-1463 Improved database indexes to increase speed
DX-1496 Parts stock report now uses stored procedures for future proofing and increased speed
DX-1470 Improvements made to eVHC Reports
DX-1426 Added the ability to delete eVHC photos/videos from within jobsheets
DX-1278 Returns Reports now print in date order
DX-1035 Updated the CAP logos in Evolution
DX-1733 Ford eVHC Consolidation reports now include a MTD report

DX-1716 The VSB Recon figure is updated automatically in the DB to allow for accurate OSI integration pulls
DX-1773 eVHC Consolidation stats were not always reporting correctly, now resolved
DX-1691 Part Returns for Parts Surcharges now always reduce the correct Stock Nominal
DX-1644 Historic Vehicle Stock Report now shows Credits when they are raised on the run as date
DX-1531 Emailing from Evolution now uses unique IDs to ensure accurate sends
DX-1513 VSB > Financials > Creditor Balance rounding improved
DX-1384 DMS14 Feed is now available in Evolution DX
DX-1380 Technician Invoices Report> Recovery Rate calculation has been updated
DX-1367 The email displayed on the eVHC landing page is now correctly shown
DX-1302 Evolution DX Statements now pull across an email from the database
DX-1300 Minor discrepancies between Transaction Report in Evo and Accounts have been resolved
DX-1291 Editing Parent part lines for surcharges could potentially cause quantity issues, resolved
DX-1257 Finance Settlement no longer posts for Due date, now transaction date
DX-1219 Resolved potential issues raised by returning a surcharge for a stock part in jobsheets
DX-1216 Service Invoices and Credits VAT Breakdown box has been improved
DX-974 (7823) Standard Accessories are now also attached to Part ex vehicles
DX-956 (7779) Stock cost summary report would sometimes open then close immediately, resolved
DX-920 (7629) VSB Nominal reconciliation now includes Prep Credit lines
DX-863 (7386) Registration changes in Vehicle Stock Book no longer reverts to previous plate
DX-266 (2185) Returning vehicle now greys out the vehicle record, like when cancelling, to ensure no changes are made
DX-196 (8082) Journal Corrections now picks up all transactions in nominal tab in VSB
DX-148 (7395) Record locking has been improved so it doesn’t fail if a single user logs in twice
DX-130 (8158) eCAT was not displaying VAT on parts, now resolved
DX-1846 Parts Transfers Record Locking improved
DX-1828 Resoled an issue where it may not be possible to Reprint Accessory VAT on Margin Vehicle Sales Invoice Reprints
DX-1819 Removed the ability to return a quantity of a Surcharge part that has no stock
DX-1799 Access Violation when saving an invoice as PDF immediately after printing, Resolved
DX-1747 Document Viewer now correctly displays PDFs
DX-1713 Unable to process Cashbook Refund for a Ad-hoc Credit note, resolved
DX-1689 Speed issues when confirming GRN’s, only on one site, resolved
DX-1688 “Advert” field not populated when querying all available vehicles in OSI, resolved
DX-1664 Location and Tag No are now editable via OSI after invoice
DX-1660 eVHC Consolidation now has more logging
DX-1647 Debtor Statement in Evo now reflects same balance as Accounts Statement for same period criteria
DX-1643 OSI Creditor Costs now always pull the Description costs through
DX-1642 eVHC Consolidation Dispatch settings not saving Sunday as send day, resolved
DX-1615 Locked some fields in VSB purchase details editable after invoiced
DX-1598 Price File update not updating prices, resolved
DX-1427 Now possible to select an Accessory Type in Evosales
DX-1213 Sales Details potentially could go missing in VSB during the process of adopting to stock
DX-1212 Supersession routine now takes into account all superseded parts
DX-900 (7547) Adding a part to a job that exists on another Repair could leave you in a blank add part screen, resolved
DX-243 (7977) Tabs are now stacked, not on a scroll menu
DX-1975 TechMate/eVHC launches and then closes, resolved
DX-1938 Pending Vehicles record lock not releasing, resolved

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