Evolution DX Release 4, 2019 is now available (v1.17.1904.716)


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New Features
DX-1190  Added the ability to copy and duplicate Journal Templates in Evolution
DX-680 (6564) Added the ability to change the payment type within cash book
DX-98 (7520) Creditor information in the VSB is now available via OSI
DX-156 (7558) We have now introduced Integrated Chip & Pin/Contactl
ess Card Payments via PaymentSense – More info to follow.
DX-194 (8083) Added the Stock/Reg number in cashbook to assist with contras and allocations
DX-1481 Reporting Metrics will now be recorded to allow Gemini System to manage, maintain and consolidate reports in the future
DX-1484   It is now possible to have default text or a declaration on Supplementary Invoices
DX-1528   New Ford Parts Plus Transitional Rewards Programme Report created to reconcile against REACT! reports.

DX-1147 Updated the Returns Module to ensure Supplier Reference is always populated
DX-184 (7788) Enabled the Email button on the Parts Returns Report
DX-164 (8130) Added the ability to hit Return/Enter when using search functions for adding accessories
DX-139 (8011) Added a running total of vehicle price and accessories in the accessory pop-up within Evolution and Showroom
DX-1252 Amended the Change Reg function to ensure it also updates the reminders (callbacks) module
DX-1275 Increased the amount of information available in the Posted Transactions Report
DX-1225 Significantly improved the speed of loading a journal template which had a large number of lines
DX-1407 The size of “Manufacturer Model code” drop down has been increased
DX-1599   It is now possible to amend the Specifications at a Glance & Location in the VSB after a vehicle has been invoiced
DX-1090   The DVLA VRM lookup now only populates Model in the ‘Model’ field. The ‘Description’ content can now be customised in the Utils menu
DX-922 (7640)   The Cash Book Contra functionality now allows contras for credit notes
DX-1253   Added ability to Edit Supplier in Parts Returns Module once marked as Returned Awaiting Credit
DX-1488   Ford eVHC Video reporting was only taking certain videos into account, now reports on all video types
DX-1530   Updated User Accounts>Showroom Privileges – Can now add Per-Site Defaults

Bugs Fixes

DX-1324 Fixed an issue where the right click menu could cause a system close
DX-1287 Resolved an issue which could mean it was not possible to return stocked surcharge parts directly from a Jobsheet
DX-1285 Removed erroneous error message when adding a manual sublet line to a newly created jobsheet
DX-1255 Resolved an issue where the Last Prep date prevented creditor invoices from being attached
DX-1251 Resolved an issue where Deposit Allowances could post incorrectly if the cancel button was used
DX-1196 Resolved an issue where new users were unable to filter by reg in the diary
DX-1130 Resolved an issue where the Time Analysis Report would error with prpFitterDayAnalysis.BeforePrint: Invalid property value.
DX-1095 The user right “Return Vehicle” has be fixed, previously it was not functioning correctly 
DX-152 (7478) Resolved an issue where the Sublet Invoice Type drop down doesn’t retain initial selection
DX-144 (8074) Resolved an issue which stopped users crediting vehicles invoices if Recon Credit Journals hadn’t posted an entry into prep costs
DX-140 (8012) Vehicle Profit not always refreshing on-screen when tabbing through fields, now resolved
DX-1432 Resolved an issue where the eVHC consolidation feed “Vehicles In” value maxing out at 50
DX-1473 Resolved an issue where Manual receipt allocation could casue issues if half allocated
DX-1542 Ford Part price file supersession routine has been enhanced to be more accurate
DX-1570 Resolved an issue which could mean users were not able to choose form the ‘Site’ drop down in the Cash Book
DX-128 (7835)   Ford REACT! Data submission updated with the number of transactions
DX-1327   Data entered into the Interfaces section for Ford Area District and Zones was not saving, now resolved
DX-1517   When adding a part to holding order it uses the cost from the part record instead of the cost you enter on the jobsheet, now uses cost entered
DX-1539   Honda Insight Feed: Credit Note transactions incorrectly populated the MOT due date as 01/01/1900, now resolved
DX-1544   Vehicle Documents; Free text in ‘More Information’ tab is not fully visible, now resolved
DX-1571   Dispatch not starting in some instances, now resolved
DX-1576   Invoices raised at £0 now no longer appear in the cashbook
DX-1607   In some circumstances users were unable to print and post service expense credit notes, now resolved
DX-1610   Resolved an issue where Service Credits may not appear on a vehicle stock record
DX-1611   Resolved an issue where adopting Pending Vehicles caused an error


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